View Full Version : Major Lag Issues

03-28-2002, 01:37 PM
I'm having major lag issues on every server I try.. even the lowest pinging servers (70-90) do this:

(with no one around me.. even on empty server)
I press a direction - foward for example : I move foward then the engine pops me back to where I started from.

I know it should do this when I'm lagging to keep up, but it seems I'm always lagging. I have a cable modem, and a fairly nice system.

Its completely impossible for me to move around, and when on those maps with the "fall to your death" platforms... I fall everytime, because it always throws me around (and it's not the force powers - again - it does this when I'm the only person on the serer). I play Q3 and never had issues this bad. Is there something in the config to help me?? I have it set to "lan/cable" also.

my system:

750 AMD Athlon
Voodoo 5
512 Ram
RoadRunner - Cable Modem