View Full Version : Team FFA & Bots

03-28-2002, 04:21 PM
I've been messing around w/bots and team FFA a bit. Got a few questions for you people:

1) Has anybody else noticed that Lando rocks? He racks up the kills.

2) Do the bots play differently as part of a team? Or are they the same AI as a regular deathmatch, but smart enough not to fire on friends.

3) I setup the classic: me, luke, lando, and some mindless jedi against some bad dudes (Tavion stinks, btw). When we cycled to the next map, I suddenly had switched colors and was on the other team. more than that, it was a 5-3. Did I miss a switch?

Btw, this game rocks. I can't imagine anybody playing without level 3 jumping, though. Call me kangaroo-boy! :-)