View Full Version : Voodoo 4500 on WinXP pro, GLsubsystem error

Lord Darkblade
03-28-2002, 04:52 PM
I have a Voodoo4500 and Windows XP Pro, 256 meg of ram, and tons of hard drive space. I just got JO and I installed it but when I try to play SP or MP the console says that it could not load the openGL subsystem. I know that can't be true because Q3 and Elite Force work fine, and they use OpenGL. And JO was built off Q3 so why is it not working? I tried all the other ideas posted around the threads but none of them worked. I tried getting the latest drivers for my card but that didn't work, and I tried the WickedGL program and it installed the opengl32.dll file fine but when I ran SP or MP I got an error box with no text and an ok button. When I clicked the ok button the game closed.

Please help me, I realy want to play this awsome game...:(

03-28-2002, 05:53 PM
Your first problem is that there are no offical OpenGL drivers for vodoo cards under Win XP. So don't even look at the offical ones. 3Dfx has been out of business for a long time. Your best bet was to use the WickedGL drivers. There is a good post by LokiFDK that explains how to get them to work. This was how I did until I broke down and bought a cheap Geforce 2.