View Full Version : When I die, it makes it impossible to load any saves...

03-29-2002, 02:41 AM
OK, every time I die and try to simply click Fire and restart from the last save, it loads about 1/3 and the just stops. Not only that, but the load background is all jacked up. If I try going to the actual Load menu after I've died, it is all choppy, jumpy, and slow, and even then it does the same thing (loading about 1/3 then stopping). I have a 700mhz Durron, 256 MB RAM, and a 16 MB Voodoo3. Everything works great otherwise, EXCEPT when I die! I've tried graphic levels at low, medium, and high, and they all do the same thing. The only thing that even occasionally works is to change the resolution and reload the save that way, but even then it's touch and go! Help, this is really annoying, and given that I suck at FPS games, it's keeping me from playing what otherwise seems to be a badass game!

03-29-2002, 04:51 PM

Because I have this same problem, and I also use a voodo 3.