View Full Version : Tech Tip for Audigy (maybe live users too)

03-29-2002, 04:45 AM
I was experiencing random crashes. I also hate 2d sound.

Before coming to this forum I looked in the .cfg file and notice the openal string and after poking around on the web and noticing what it was I enabled it.

I crashed less right off the bat (I have an audigy). After poking around more I noticed that the latest Audigy drivers have an OpenAL32.dll version older then the one found in the JO directory. So I replaced the one in the winnt/system32 with the one from JO's directory.

Sound quality and 3d sound rendering sounded better to me, and I haven't crashed yet after 2 hours. I'll post back tomorrow if I still haven't crashed.

03-29-2002, 04:08 PM
Crashed once since I did this. Seemed to help in my case I think.

Have an Athlon, Kt7a, Audigy and GF3 and win2k btw

03-29-2002, 04:35 PM
Eridath... By crashing, do you mean a system crash or program crash? Lockup/Freeze or exit from the program/collapse of the OS?

I'm curious if my problems are related to my own Audigy, as in the days of DOS most of my problems had something to do with a misconfiguration of the soundcard; but I'm having the system lock-up, not a crash.

All the same, I'm going to give this a try. The .dll file--is it installed in the JO directory or is it on the CD?


03-29-2002, 05:01 PM
It's a hard lock up from within the game I was having, causing the need to reboot.

OpenAL32.dll is found in the JO directory in the main folder. I also found an older revision of it in the system32 directory of my win2k install. I replaced the one in the system32 directory with the one from JO.

03-29-2002, 05:09 PM
Cool. (Well, not cool, 'cause it sucks to have it happen, but cool because that's the same problem I'm having so maybe it'll help.)