View Full Version : found solution to my problem with performance might help everyone else too.

03-29-2002, 06:56 AM
Not sure if this will help everyone but it did wonders even on my setup which is midrange now I play with max graphics everything but simple shadows and it works pretty smooth. Big battles it still tends to drop to the mid to high teens at times but it's playable non of the less. Most of time it's 25fps and higher.

My computer is for reference to the speed's

Athlon 700 asus k7-v "Overclocked to 770"
256 megs Pci 133 Micron
Geforce 2 GTS 64 megs
Sound Blaster Live

The fix was loading via's new 4in1 drivers that came out just a week ago march 21 was release date for these drivers. It must of changed something to the agp to make it a lot faster cause the game really took off after I installed this update. Before I could'nt even get higher fps than 45 just sitting still looking around with nothing around me. Now I'm getting 60 to 100 fps not doing anything so I know it fixed the problem. Plus in big battles it would not even get close to 30fps at all would stay in teens almost entire time.

Heres the link for the drivers hope it fixes your problem like it did for me http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2

Also I noticed that Volumic or however you spell it makes game super slow and has some major bugs I would recommend simple shadows. I am running with 100% max graphics on everything else but FSA I have set off cause my computer can't handle that hehe. On dual though I can get around 20fps with fsa 4x now that's pretty good too considering before I would get 2 or 3 fps. Can't use it in game though big battles still brings the game down to the low teens and dips below 10 to 7 or 8 hehe darn wish I had just 20 more fps for that mode..

All in all good luck to people having problems it took me hours on end tweaking and this seemed to work the best good luck hopefully it helps you too.