View Full Version : Second round?

11-19-2001, 02:47 AM
Well, when's it going to be?

11-19-2001, 05:08 AM
my. good-ness.
Remember, folks, i have a LIFE. Couldn't touch a computer all weekend.
I'll be online late (late!) tonight and will put up the ballots. Alright ?

Young David
11-19-2001, 10:19 AM
Originally posted by Paragon_Leon
Remember, folks, i have a LIFE.

Not everyone is as fortunate as you :D

11-19-2001, 10:24 AM
Erm..right. :rolleyes:
Then at least pretend to be fortunate even if you're not.. It will make a huge difference in how you appear to the outside world.
...and it will increase your patience with busy mods like me. :D