View Full Version : multiplayer master server probs behind firewall..

03-29-2002, 02:32 PM
this is kinda weird, my system is a win2k ics gateway running norton personal firewall, i have absolutely no problems at all refreshing the in game browser or connecting to games.. but my brothers pc as an ics client, cannot refresh or join jedi2 servers at all while norton personal firewall is running... jedi2 has been setup and everything to work, even though it doesnt need to be because his pc has free reign access, eg everything else works fine including quake3, rtcw, /every other multiplayer game etc.. not jedi.. i have to disable my firewall to allow him to play, the moment i turn it on even when hes in game, it lags up, turn it off, his game plays fine again... this is kinda annoying ... anyone know why only jedi2 seems to have issues with this..?