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03-29-2002, 03:36 PM
I'm having problems with some of the Duel variables. duel_fraglimit > 1 doesn't seem to work properly. In fact, now it won't rotate to the next player no matter what I set the duel_fraglimit to, 1 or otherwise.

Also the documentation for log file creation is wrong. The directory is ~/.jkii in the home dir of the user running the jk2ded executable not ~/.jk2 Isn't there a command to point logs to a specific dir? Logging this way seems odd.

BTW, it also creates a jk2mpconfig.cfg file in that directory too.

Anyway onto command lines and configs :

/usr/games/jk2/jk2ded +set bot_enable 0 +set vm_game 1 +set sv_pure 1 +set dedicated 2 +set g_gametype 3 +exec server.cfg

// Server Information //

seta g_motd "May the force be with you"
seta sv_hostname "Hosting.com JK2 Duel Linux 1.02"
seta Administrator "Novus"
seta Email "ryanhdsl@jump.net"
seta url "http://www.starwars.com"
seta Location "US"

// Server Configuration //

seta g_needpass "0"
seta sv_privatePassword "starwars"
seta rconpassword "*"
seta sv_maxclients "6"
seta sv_maxRate "25000"
seta sv_maxping "200"
seta sv_minPing "0"
seta g_ghostRespawn "3"
seta g_forcerespawn "0"
seta g_inactivity "0"
seta g_warmup "10"
seta sv_pure "1"
seta sv_master1 "masterjk2.ravensoft.com"
seta g_allowvote "1"
seta cl_allowDownload "0"
seta sv_floodProtect "1"

//Enable IP banning
set g_filterban "1"
seta g_banIPs ""

//seta g_gravity 800

seta sv_cheats "0"
seta g_logSync "0"
seta g_log "games.log"
seta g_timeouttospec "70"
seta g_statLog "0"
seta g_friendlyFire "0"
seta g_saberInterpolate "1"
seta g_spawnInvulnerability "3000"
seta g_forceRegenTime "300"
seta g_autoMapCycle "1"
seta g_maxGameClients "0"
seta ui_gametype "3"
seta ui_forcePowerDisable "0"
seta ui_freeSaber "1"
seta ui_rankChange "0"
seta ui_opponentName "Rebellion"
seta ui_teamName "Empire"
seta ui_tourney_timelimit "20"
seta ui_tourney_fraglimit "24"
seta g_blueTeam "Rebellion"
seta g_redTeam "Empire"
seta g_forceBasedTeams "0"
seta g_saberLocking "1"
seta g_privateDuel "1"

// MODE Settings //

seta g_forceRegenTime "300"
seta g_weaponDisable "65531"
seta g_forcePowerDisable "0"
seta g_duelWeaponDisable "65531"
seta duel_fraglimit "1"
set duel_fraglimit "1"
seta g_maxForceRank "7"
set g_maxForceRank "7"
seta timelimit "20"
set timelimit "20"
seta fraglimit "24"
set fraglimit "24"

// Duel Maps rotationcycle

set d1 "map duel_carbon ; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "map duel_bay ; set nextmap vstr d3"
set d3 "map duel_jedi ; set nextmap vstr d4"
set d4 "map duel_pit ; set nextmap vstr d1"
vstr d1

I ganked most of these settings from the Dedicated Server FAQ thread. I'm probably going to turn the fraglimit back to 0 once these issues get resolved.

Why is it that documentation on dedicated linux servers is always poor? Linux servers are the breadn'butter of the dedicated server community.

03-29-2002, 05:48 PM
Ok, I'm an idiot. fraglimit = roundlimit duel_fraglimit = map limit. Seems to be working fine. I'm going to setup a Jedi Master and Jedi Duel server. Hopefully it doesn't hiccup on two servers.