View Full Version : Senate Second Voting Round: the read-me post !

11-20-2001, 05:40 AM
Okay, after some delay (can someone say 'overcrowded schedule'?), we're ready to get to the second and final round of voting for the Senate.

How's it going to work ?

Basically, the same way as before. You can vote on the ballots that are put up for each nominee that made it into the second round. You can only vote yes or no to the question stated there.
The 7 persons with the most votes will enter the Senate for the first term.

And to give you a taste on what's going to happen; first order of business will be to implement a meeting-system, organize the first Senate-tournament and discuss a general 'rule of conduct' during Senate tournaments.

Do no-votes count this time around to the same degree they did in round 1 ? To put it diplomatically: yes and no. The Senate is a serious idea; not something that should be torpedoed by jokers. We can have fun in the meetings, yes, but the Senators are, next to the Chancellor, in themselves the only safeguard that it can work. If a person gets a plethora of no-votes, that is usually a hint that he is not that charitable a person in the Senate (yesyes, i know.. there are people who simply vote no because they want another person in there, but look closely at the results of round 1 and you'll discover the pattern described above).

Here's the important part: if a person ends up high on the result-list, but has many no-votes, I will discuss it with the Super-mods. No personal relation to any forummer will be taken into account; just the behavior on the boards. That will be the measure by which we then either make those no-votes count or not for that person. It's basically a safe-guard to prevent people with lots of internet-buddies to whistle their way into a body where they really shouldn't be or can't function properly.

The ballots for all fifteen candidates in this second round are up for five (count 'em !) days... So get voting !

11-20-2001, 06:29 AM
An obvious note to close with: the ballots are for VOTING ONLY.
Replies of any kind (even to 'bump' the ballots up) will be deleted.