View Full Version : wanting to start sabre only clan

03-30-2002, 08:14 AM
I'm interested in starting a "sabre only" clan (see my previous topic thread) with a one or two other dedicated co-leaders. I am currently hosting and leading a "blade only" clan within the Heretic II community so I have experience to lean on.

I am prepared to help host any new venture, plus have the site designed through a professional graphic art company (hyperthermic studios). I have tons of ideas. Help me out. :)

Anybody interested?

check out http://www.sentinelempire.org to see my other clan site.


03-31-2002, 03:06 AM
Hi there, I'd be interested in helping out with the clan. There is a slight catch though. I tend to play off hours. I'm on US Eastern time zone and put in most of my play hours between 7am and Noon. On my nights off (3 nights a week) I'll play in the evening/night as well. I wasn't huge into the community but I did play JK1 and feel as though I've got a good grasp on JK2 so far...if you really need to know if I'm any good I'll hop in a game with ya. I have a ton of time each night at work to put into a clan as well. Outside of game type things. Planning, orginaztion, etc. Shoot me a message, if nothing else for basic entry into the clan as I plan on joining a saber clan. Anyway, hope to hear from ya.

e-mail : wern2@hotmail.com

ICQ: 967603

If you are replying tonight use e-mail as I'll be at work for another 6 hours.