View Full Version : Recruiting for 'The Noveau Agency', a ressurected version of the dead 'Agent's Clan'

03-30-2002, 09:26 AM
Hello everyone. Now some of you may know me. Most won't. Thats all right... heres a brief outline of the Agency courtesy of C3PO.

:c3po: "The Agency started a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Some of you lived in that universe. Well the Agents Clan did. It was the first to spring up with that name, but it was not the last. It was founded by Han Solo, following the death of his trusted companion, Chewbacca.

"Overtime, The Agents Clan faced many perils and wars. Its faithful allie, the Wolf Clan, held their own and even assisted the Agents Clan in an official galactic tourney.

"However, times changed. So did the whims of whatever deities ruled the outer rims, and the Agents Clan fell from their favor. The official Agency died soon after, and many clans began springing up across the galaxy. Many borrowed the one unique title of the 'Agents Clan', (this may have been in part due to a blockbuster hit titled the matrix) some of these clans had some of the founding members with them, some didnt. Some of these clans even began to oppose each other.

"In these troubled times, Agent Han Solo, the founder of the original Agency, had mysteriously vanished. Some believed he had travelled with Luke to Dabogah, where he improved his fighting ability. It is said that Luke also tried to teach Han the ways of the force to surprising results."

Now, I am back. Thats right. I, Agent Han Solo, have witnessed enough in my departure, and I shall return to try and bring honor back to the guild. Unfortunately, we all know the old members have seperated a long time ago, but now, under my supervision, I aim to once again raise a new group of learned individuals to pilot ships, as well as hold their own in gunfights. This shall not be called the Agents Clan, as that has died long ago, but from henceforth shall be known as 'The Noveau Agency'. Oh, and kid, may the force be with you.


To join the Noveau Agency, contact Agent_Han_Solo@hotmail.com

04-02-2002, 02:35 PM
I am currently looking into whether 'The Noveau Agency' should set a limit for members for the sake of organization, and fixing the website.

Btw, anyone from professional JK2 Player to newbies can join the Noveau Agency. We are not an elitist clan... yet.

04-06-2002, 04:28 AM
Several people emailed asking me what I meant by

"I aim to once again raise a new group of learned individuals to pilot ships..."

Well, to answer that question, The Noveau Agency doesn't only play JK, JK2, it is also involved in X Wing v.s. Tie Fighter and other Star Wars space simulation titles.