View Full Version : A simple way to change the lightsaber colour of the bots

03-31-2002, 06:06 AM
I was playing around with the assest .pk3 files early as I was a little bored. I decided to see what I could change with the SDK and I came up with the idea of changing the lightsaber colour of the bots. Here is the way to do it for those who don't know.

1) open the assests0.pk3 using winzip

2) create a folder inside the base folder called botfiles, then extract the file bots.txt from assests0.pk3 to the newly created folder.

3) open bots.txt once it is in the botfiles folder.

4) For each character you will see this:

color1 X

X represents a number from 0-5

5) Change the value of X to change the colour of saber used by that specific bot.

0 = red
1 = orange
2 = yellow
3 = green
4 = blue
5 = purple

6) Save the file once your happy with the edit and close the window. Go back to the base folder and drag the botfiles folder over the active winzip window to replace the botfiles.txt file. Close winzip.

7) The assest.pk3 files should be updated with new data you added so you can now test it in multiplayer.

I hope this is useful to those who were as annoyed as me when they found all the lightside bots have blue sabers and darkside have red.

03-31-2002, 07:03 AM
bad idea.

editing the pk3's directory causes pure errors.

instead, copy the file to where in the gamedate/base it's supposed to be

for the bots.txt

into gamedata/base/botfiles/bots.txt

edit it, make a zip file, rename to pk3 add the bots.txt (with the sub dir of botfiles) and then ur done.