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11-20-2001, 08:53 PM
I am having troubles starting the game. Every time I click on the shortcut, it brings up the splash screen, but when I click to play, it gives me this error:

Could not initilize graphics system. Make sure your video card and drivers are compatible with direct draw.

System Specs:

Proc: 1.4 T-bird DDR 266FSB
Ram: 512MB PC2100
Video: Geforce 2 Ultra 64MB DDR
Sound: Soundblaster Live! Value

I can play a game like Aliens VS. Predator 2, but can't even start up a freaking sim. Any help would be nice.


11-21-2001, 09:37 AM
Check for the latest drivers for you card, also check the cards manual and see what it says about direct draw.

11-21-2001, 10:11 AM
I have the same problem, only instead of a message poping up I get a black screen and the game doesn't start. I got the game to start once by doing the following: Change your screen resolution to 800x600 and you color depth to 16-bit. You'll be able to run the game at 800x600 but not at 1024x768. If anyone nows of different workaround please share!

I think that it is terrible that LucasARTS put out a 2d game with an engine that has been tested for a couple of years since the release of AOEII and still has these kind of problems. By the way, AOEII runs fine!

My specs:
Radeon vivo DDR 64MB
LATEST VIDEO CARD AND DIRECTx drivers installed.

Hope it helps!

12-21-2001, 08:11 AM
I'm having the same problem on my new Toshiba notebook running WinXP with the latest nVidia GeForce 2 Go drivers and the latest DirectX (8.1). I have to turn it off and try again later and it'll work. Now I'm getting the "Insert CD" when the CD is in! What gives? :bdroid1:

12-21-2001, 09:30 AM
The latest NVidia drivers have problems on Windows XP and Windows 2000. The problem may alos affect Radeons. There are various motherboard tweaks that can be tried to get around the issue.