View Full Version : TC Single Player campaigns I would love to see.

03-31-2002, 08:00 PM
I would love to see somebody make total conversion campaigns of all the Star Wars movies especially the original trilogy. There has not been any games based on the original movies since the Super Star Wars trilogy on the Super Nintendo. I think it would be awesome to play through all the movies as I play as Luke or Han tryin to find Leia and escape the Death Star, Play as Luke and take on Vader in Cloud City, play as Luke while trying to flee Jabba's Sail Barge on Tatooine, and fighting as Han on Endor trying to destroy the Death Star Shield Generator. I know it would be one hell of a task to work on a Trilogy of Star Wars MODs but I think it would be worth it. All those maps that would be created for this would be awesome in Multiplayer also. If only a could MOD I would attempt it.

I think it would also be kinda cool to do a total conversion of the original Dark Forces and Jedi Knight. But thats my opinion.

Vote your opinion if you would like to see this kind of MOD.

03-31-2002, 08:47 PM
I dunno about the film TCs - after all it's been a tradition in Star Wars games to NOT focus on the films, because the games always have a strong story-driven element, and what would be the point if you already know the story and routes through levels inside-out?
I admit a TC of the original dark forces games would be cool, but anyone dedicated enough to do that may as well make new content which would be original and more fun than replaying the old story. However, what would be very nice would be a story set around the same location and period as one of the older games, with different characters and a few 'crossovers' for nostalgia value, similarly to that achieved by the half-life expansions Opposing Force and Barney's Revenge or whatever it was called.

04-01-2002, 10:58 AM
Well at the moment I'm making a SP level of the Tantive IV, where hopefully you'll play as a stormtrooper. At the moment I'm using Wolfradiant, until the JO one comes out. Theres some screens at http://forums.massassi.net/html/Forum5/HTML/007224.html

I also made (but never fininished due to JK's limitations a Death Star level where you played as Luke) I'm thinking of using Droids plugin to convert it to JO.

04-01-2002, 06:54 PM
Well I have a mod in development which will focus on the life of Darth Vader. It will follow his turn to the dark side, hunting down the jedi, and later will encorporate the parts of the movies he was involved in(or other locations I just think are cool), in addition to extrapolating things not seen in the movies. I have already begun work laying out the ideas for levels, game play, changes and such. I have started working on an Emperor's throne room map from ROTJ that I will attempt to make duel, CTF. Eventually I will be including models for Vader, Emperor, Bane, Tyranus, Maul, many other Jedi. The mod is tenatively called "Sithlord" for the Single Player portions, "Sithlords" for the MP stuff. I will be working on this mod as a portfolio piece as I am going to Full Sail college in Florda a month from now to get degrees in Animation and Game Devlopment. I will be posting information on it soon, but need to get my website updated before I go crazy with it. There are definite plans to make the Pit of Carcoon(Sarlacc Pit), remake Bespin, Emperor's throne room, death star levels and several suprises. Expect to see you're favorite Bounty Hunters in there as well. Anyway thought I'd let you know that there is at least one mod that will ahve portions of the original trilogy in it.