View Full Version : Radiant not shipped with JO? And where's me fgd

04-01-2002, 06:04 AM
Hello fellow Jedi Knights!

I am new to Quake III mapping, I have done some Quake II mapping in the past (mainly Half-Life and Counter-Strike) and I have just completed Jedi Outcast and am dying to start designing my own single player and multiplayer maps for Outcast :cool:

Ok first I have a couple of questions and would appreciate it if anybody could provide me with the answers. I'd like at least some response in order to start any cool maps. Cool maps that I may share with you lot. ;)

First, I think I remember reading somewhere a while back that a version of Radiant will be shipped with Jedi Outcast but it isn't on my copy. Isn't it shipped or is it well hidden and I've missed it?

Secondly when mapping, using Worldcraft, each MOD (either Valve, TFC or Cstrike) has it's own fgd file, which contains all the entities and such for that particular MOD. Is there something similar for a Quake III-based game/MOD? And where might I find the one for Jedi Outcast?

Thank you. If there is not an fgd yet I can just start just drawing all my brushes using the Outcast pk3 files and/or other pk3s.

04-01-2002, 08:04 AM

welcome to the real world :)

I don't know where you read that the editor would be shipped with the game, but I think you are mixing up sof2 and jk2 ;)

As for the fgd files of worldcraft, for Q3 they are called .def files :)

Have fun,

Mapper 4 Wired Lamp Studios