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11-22-2001, 11:52 PM
Upgrade information: From 2.0 to 2.2: (For those who were requesting details on the upgrade enhancements)

vBulletin 2.2.0

vBulletin 2.2.0 is a major release of vBulletin, including numerous bug fixes and several new features.

Template Changes

whosonlinebit - added missing $userinfo[hidden] to display * next to invisible users for administrators

standardredirect - rewrote javascript to deal with slight bug that can prevent the page being linked-to from fully refreshing its content

usercp,searchresults,searchresults_threadonly - added forumjump

memberlist - added $letterbits for search-by-letter

memberlistbit - now uses postbit_search template for search button

forumrules - Cosmetic ONLY change to forumrules

whosonline - Added legend for Admin/Mod highlighting.

newpoll - added bits for multiple choice polling

forumhome_logincode - Added link to showgroups.php

forumhome_logoutcode - Added link to showgroups.php

lostpw, email_lostpw, emailsubject_lostpw, redirect_lostpw - new support for encrypted passwords and new lost password routine

forumdisplay - link for 'mark forum as read' and 'search this forum' section

forumjump - Added Who's Online to forumjump

whosonline - Added ForumJump

newreply - added $threadratingoption

all templates including <input type="image" src="images/go.gif... - altered all to remove [Go] button image and replaced with $gobutton variable

showthread - added $ratingdisplay

forumdisplay_newpostlink - added 'mark forum as read' link

New templates

register_avatar - Avatar html used at registration if you have avatars enabled AND assigned 1 or more to 0 posts

register_avatarbit - html that makes up the select statement of the avatar combobox.

registeradult/registercoppa - added javascript that loads the currently selected avatar if the user returns to the form by pressing the back button. Add the placeholder for the Avatar selection at registration.

memberlist_letter,memberlist_letterselected - letter templates for memberlist search-by-letter

error_cantlistself - Error template displayed when someone tries to add themself to the buddy/ignore list.

error_movesameforum - Error template displayed when someone tries to move a thread to it's current forum

whosonline_legend - Who's Online Legend

polloption_multiple - Multiple Poll options

showgroups - Main page of Show Mods/Admins

showgroups_adminbit - Admins Bits

showgroups_bit - Main bit

showgroups_forumbit - Forum Listing Cell

forumdisplay_loggedinuser - Userbit for the logged in users

forumdisplay_loggedinusers - text describing the logged in users

error_resetexpired, error_resetbadid, email_resetpw, emailsubject_resetpw, error_resetpw - new support for encrypted passwords and new lost password routine



gobutton - template to hold the [Go] button for all <select> style mini-forms in the vB pages

showthread_ratingdisplay - displays thread rating within showthread

You can view the new templates from in the control panel by clicking on the 'view original' next to your custom template.


Bug Fixes

online.php - Added a couple instances (adding forum subscription, deleteing subscribed threads, deleting subscribed forum). Fixed issue with users with canviewothers set to false being able to see thread titles.

admin/user.php - Fixed bug with [edit user] link on PM Stats in admin control panel

fixed bug when admin clicks 'user options' on the user profile page to view a user's details

can't add your self to the ignore/buddy list, can't add an admin/mod to ignore via their profile link

can't move a thread to it's current forum

various security issues

fixed problem with " in one of the options in upgrade from 1.1.6 [/url] )

fixed problem with 'require unique email' giving errors at the wrong time

fixed problem with attachments being deleted when a cloned thread is deleted

fixed bug with .info email addresses not being auto-parsed
fixed bug with updating last post time for a forum

fixed bug where signatures and avatars were displayed in private messages regardless of user preference

numerous template typos etc fixed (see this thread for specifics)


encrypts passwords in database

new more secure method for lost password routines

more secure routine for verifying email address

usercp and search results now show the forumjump menu

ability to sort users by email address in control panel

userid displayed in admin cp -> edit user

ability to click on a letter in the member list

'search' link not displayed in memberlist if user has no posts

server load and number of online users appear in the admin CP

if only one user is found in admin cp search, then show the edit page for that user straight away

Ability to enable highlighting of Admin/Moderator names on the Logged in Users and Who's Online.

Multiple Choice Polls (thanks to Firefly)

Option to update all user's posts counts to the correct total via the CP counters. Does not count forums which are set to not count posts.

Showgroups Page, groups can be configured to appear per usergroup [ showgroups.php ]

SQL Optimization on showthread, the option to disable/enable displaying the user's online status is no longer needed as there is no penalty for doing so

See who is browsing specific forums with you! Can be disabled in the CP. Only adds 1 query to forumdisplay.php

Mutt's Javascript for find, preview, copy in template editing

new usergroup permission: can download attachment

mark read per forum

getnew/getdaily per forum

In-reply rating

Who voted

Highlighting / formatting of admin/mod/super names on Who's Online ($loggedinusers and separate page)

Added Who's Online to forumjump\

Optimized the mass move/mass prune threads Admin functions

new gobutton template for easy global customization of [Go] buttons on popup menus

home page of moderator control panel now has similar layout and features to admin panel

Thread rating now displayed on the showthread page as well as forumdisplay.

Forum-search on forumdisplay

11-23-2001, 01:12 AM
WOW I'm still sifting through the new little improvements to the board. Thanks for posting that though...over half the stuff on there I hadn't seen yet:)

Sherack Nhar
11-23-2001, 07:37 PM
Who Voted feature through the admin Control Panel!! Woohoo!!

No longer do I have to ask Chris to access MySQL to know who voted in a poll... It would've helped with the Delphi cheating case...

11-24-2001, 09:45 AM
...and it'll make the final voting results check on the second round faster !!
Great stuff.. let's keep it coming.

Young David
11-25-2001, 04:48 PM
Good changes ... altough there is one wrong change ...

purple buttons in the PM boxes are 'not done'