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04-02-2002, 09:26 AM
i suspect most of u are thinking: not another clan recruiting :o

but this is no ordinary clan :D

this is clan xenocide :p

xenocide clan used to be an ex pro counter strike clan but me and the cl getting bored of cs are moving into jk2 :eek:

cl (fury) is an ex quake 3 pro and we have the organization and tatics to be one of the best ... cos we will play this game non stop ;)

we are looking for good players who can follow rules

if u are interested in joining visit us at #[xeno-c] on quakenet

or email me on Adema_99k@hotmail.com

May the force be with you

xenocide - The End Is Near :atat:

04-02-2002, 09:55 AM
Yes we are really looking for people that are active , we need ppl that are on for most days of the week because we wil be an active clan that will play a lot of wars and participate in lots of leagues and tournements.

What u need -

IRC - u need to be connected to irc even when u are not playing jk2

Broadband - We need players with broadband connections and preferaby from the UK

Lots of time - We need players that will be on for about 3 hours a day obviously friday nights and stuff you are free to do as u please.

Skillz - we are looking for good players , however jk2 is new so we arent looking for amazing players , just ones that will play a lot with us and we can all get better together.


[xeno]fury :fett:

Our website is http://www.xenocide.tk

mIRC server - Quakenet : irc.quakenet.eu.org
mIRC channel - #[xeno-c]