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04-02-2002, 02:37 PM
any of you remember the off hand grappling hooks available for download for jk: df2? well i think it would be pretty cool to get one like those for jedi outcast. I actually think they were of the best grappling hooks i have seen so far because of the actual physics of it. when you grapple off a high area to a lower area instead of going to the destination in a straight path it would curve like it would actually be if you did the same in real life. oh well just an idea that i think would be really cool...

Also another mod that was for jk: df2 was the one where it makes your weapon shoot out walls, bricks, and other items used in making a level. It was cool to have fly on in multiplayer and make your own big fortresses up in the sky with steps leading up to it made out of bricks and walls...i would also like to see something like that for jedi outcast if its possible.

any other ideas?