View Full Version : A few mod ideas

04-03-2002, 03:29 AM
This is mostly for CTF

Detonating friendly tripmines/killing SGs requires friendly fire to be ON
Allow customized force power menu (i.e. I bind push/pull to mouse4/5, grip to 3, and then I only want to have to browse with next/prev thru non-bound powers, like Grip & Speed)
Add team limit for sentry guns, but make them permanent unless destroyed (no battery lifetime). I.e. limit of 25% * #of players on server. So a game of 30 ppl would have 8 sentry guns per team. (ala tribes2)

Some CTF-related map ideas (inspired by TF)

Create team spawning areas, where you can find plenty of supplies, while keeping the field clean (preferebly supply amounts based on # of players in game, for balance)
Bigger maps!