View Full Version : query on the _humanoid model

04-03-2002, 04:58 PM
Ok, I was messing around with the models in the SOF2 model viewer (I'm doing some prelim. design for a JK2 model, look for some early renders of it in a week or two).

Loading up the models, I noticed that they needed to use not only the character's model file, but also _humanoid.glm. I'm assuming that the _humanoid carries the skeleton/animation information, and the individual model carries the unposed mesh with vertex weights assigned.

My question is, does anyone know for sure if this is true, or if there's geometry contained in the humanoid.glm also? Ie. the Weequay model doesn't seem to have any eyes/teeth, yet it and all the other models have that tga of eyes/teeth/gums. Actually, the question is probably kind of dumb(I doubt the humanoid.glm has any geometry honestly), but I'm perplexed as to why the models that have that file when they don't seem to use it at all.

ps. has anyone checked on the average poly count for the JK2 models? I wasn't paying too much attention browsing through them last night