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04-04-2002, 01:19 PM
Here's the deal, I'm looking for a clan to suit my personallity. I'm laid back, but competative. I'm a pretty good gunner, but want to learn more saber. I use light side powers. I am particularly good at group tactics, and want a clan that makes use of them. Here's what I'm looking for in a clan:

composed mainly of adults

opperates primarily weeknights (EST)

does not use a ladder system (I have little interest in competing with my own clanmates)

understands that real life comes first

doesn't require IRC

has a dedicated server (not required)

is relaxed and has fun

One more thing, I am very anti- 733+

If interested, please PM, ICQ, or respond here. Thanks.

04-04-2002, 01:43 PM

we basically fit most of your needs, contact me at mafia_jabba@hotmail.com or on zone at Mafia_Jabba

04-04-2002, 01:55 PM
We have every bit of that. We are a pretty big clan with many teams. Our JK2 team is not official yet, but it will be VERY soon. If you are interested, email me: borgx@borgx.net

Clan website is at: http://www.fuclan.com

04-11-2002, 01:31 PM

I am a part of the clan Banished Jedi we recently started up this clan with the release of JKII. We are currently looking for some more members and you sound like you would fit in nicely. We meet the majority of your criteria, minus the dedicated server for now. You can get hold of me by e-mail sherlobm@clarkson.edu or ICQ #54953709. I'm around most of the day.

Our website: http://home.elp.rr.com/canaille/

04-11-2002, 02:14 PM
IRON sounds like a wonderful fit. Here is my official PR post:

The IRON BRIGADE Jedi Knight 2 Division is now forming and recruiting players of all skill levels. IRON is a multi-game player's guild which currently includes Ghost Recon, MechWarrior 4, MW4: Black Knight, IL-2 Sturmovik, Tribes 2, and now Jedi Knight 2. We have been in action for over 3 years and have grown into a close-knit group of friends. Our average age is 31. We have husbands, wives, kids, and jobs. We understand that life must come first, and this is a game for fun. We value attitude and teamwork over pure ability of a single player.

We are looking for players of all skill levels. We practice once to twice a week and have group games/playing time for our members on a regular basis. We have our own private forums, in which our members share everything from new tips & tricks to jokes & stories about their personal lives. We will be competing in some ladders/leagues when they start and look forward to playing as a true team.

If interested, please come by our site and check us out:


The JK2 section is still under construction, but you can get an idea of our style. You can email me with any questions at wolf@starsfan.com

If interested in joining, you can also email me at this point.

May the force be with you!

BlackWof IRON

04-15-2002, 06:48 PM
You sound alot like myself and my clan mates. We have real lives but enjoy gaming and computers. You will notice that i'm not advertising for recruits here in the forum and we're not really looking but if someone hangs out with us and we get along, the skillz are great but secondary to the team atmosphere.

We are very good sports. We are/were a local clan- just a group together to play on nights or weekends primarily Unreal Tourn. We are small 6-8 active members right now.

But 2 of our original members were into JK-MOS before UT. So we got into JK2 recently and are really enjoying it. (But UT2 is coming soon also! so i will be torn to focus on only 1 game,hehehe)

You are more than welcome to come hang out and play some matches with us. We have no internal levels other than founders, everyone is an equal member and helps decide what we do, or they can go off on their own also.

We are all adults with families and realize that gaming isn't our life but is GREAT fun, (and yes we're competitive an like to win, but sportsmanship comes first).

We don't cheat and like to get the full effect of the game.

We have 2 small dedicated servers that we alternate between UT and JK2. If you are into UT you are more than welcome to get into that also?


Come hang and visit, get into some scrims with us, we'll take it from there. Even if things don't work out , it's always nice to meet someone new.

OH- BTW I'm BurZurk of |NMG| that's for NoMercyGiven-

Check our site
NMG website (http://www.nmg.d2g.com)

Or swing by IRC (this isn't mandatory btw- but i like it alot it's a good time and easy way to meet for a match, we have a few guys on messenger)
network: irc.enterthegame.com
channel: #|NMG|

OR stop by the JK2 server and play a game!! Usually setup for 5 players as Sabre Duel with No FOrces (just cause that's the ladder/tourney i'm practicin for)
server name: No Mercy Given- No Force

If i'm in there give me a holler and let me know who you are.