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04-04-2002, 02:28 PM
Hey all you gaming phreaks, [CDVR]HoLLyWooD here. If you've been wondering when there's going to be a Lanparty that rivels the size of the 4000+ ones overseas in Europe, then here is your chance. On May 24th (at the close of E3 ) through May 28th, MillionManLan is set to put the USA back on top of the Lanparty map again!

Over 5000 gamers are converging on two flagship cities: Los Angeles, CA, and Louisville, KY for 5 DAYS of intense tournament action, prize give-a-ways and a whole mess of other fun events. Registration is open, and there are special give-aways each week for those that register and prepay early. Both cities are being run by lanparties

This is the biggest Lanparty in the US and the first Lanparty to wage war over two cities at the same time. Lanparties from all over the country are coming in force to represent their party in the biggest 'East vs West' Battle of the LANs.

Drop by www.millionmanlan.com and sign-up either yourselves, or your own Lanparty and join in for your chance at a whole mess of prizes, fun, and a place in history.

MillionManLan [Woodstock for the digital world...]

Hope to see you start filling seats

Thank you,