View Full Version : Just a silly experiment I need help with...

04-04-2002, 05:41 PM
Ok, playing around with console commands. Got a silly idea for a simple set of cvars to flash the saber different colors:

// and something silly //

seta w1 "wait"
seta sr "sabercolor red;vstr w1"
seta so "sabercolor orange;vstr w1"
seta sy "sabercolor yellow;vstr w1
seta sg "sabercolor green;vstr w1"
seta sb "sabercolor blue;vstr w1"
seta sv "sabercolor purple;vstr w1"

seta fsaber "vstr sr;vstr so;vstr sy;vstr sg;vstr sv;vstr sb"
seta fsaberx5 "vstr fsaber;vstr fsaber;vstr fsaber;vstr fsaber;vstr fsaber"
seta fsaberx25 "vstr fsaberx5;vstr fsaberx5;vstr fsaberx5;vstr fsaberx5;vstr fsaberx5"
seta fsaberx125 "vstr fsaberx25;vstr fsaberx25;vstr fsaberx25;vstr fsaberx25;vstr fsaberx25"

bind KP_5 "vstr fsaberx125"

Now it works, except that while it's running, I cannot perform any action commands. Is there a way to make a loop through the console, or am I gonna have to toy with QuakeC? (my C days are past me...)