View Full Version : k, so I've played a bit of jk2 ctf and here's what I think should go into a map

Sir Lucius
04-04-2002, 08:16 PM
Keep in mind this is all my opinion, but I honestly believe the following is what makes ctf maps more enjoyable and more playable.

First off, I think the max ammout of players per side should never be more than 8 on 8. 5 on 5 would be even better, but if people are just going to be pubbing, you might as well up the numbers.

Second off, pits are annoying. I know you can counter force push pull etc, but you'll have people camping pits for the sole purpose of throwing people off a ledge. And on servers with lots of people it's not even about getting the flag anymore. If you're gonna have pits of death I would suggest making an alternate route or adding railings to walkways.

Another thing is flag placement. In the premade maps it's not so bad, but flags should be out in the open with multiple routes. Defence is always easier than offence so don't put the flag behind 50 walls or anything.

I can think of a lot more, but I figure people know what to do, I just felt shooting off a few of my thoughts for the heck of it.

Raven sure is taking their time realsing those tools though huh?