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04-05-2002, 01:37 AM
I was working today when a coworker comes up to me acting all giddy. I ask her whars up and she shows me a piece of paper with a name writen on it...I cannt amke it out but its "R... W..." I ask her what it is and she points to someone leaving the store....IT WAS ROBIN WILLIAMS!!!!!! Of course my coworker had to tell me as he was leaving but still....THAT WAS AWESOME!

04-05-2002, 02:07 AM
no way

dude you should have gone after him and gotten his autograph

04-05-2002, 02:14 AM
cool, robin williams was always silly in my eyes, but hey, thats what we want :D naaa hes a good actor, you missed a great oppo.

sadly i havent met any movie stars:(

04-05-2002, 11:11 AM
Thats nothing! I once made eye contact with Colm Meany (The dude who played Cheif O'Brien on DS9) at a baseball game last year :D

Havoc Stryphe
04-05-2002, 11:25 AM
When I was working for LensCrafters in the "King of Prussia Mall" (Largest retail mall in America) outside Philadelphia, Will Smith came in to the store shopping for some new sun glasses, I got to wait on him and all. He's real funny, down to Earth kind of guy. He didn't buy a pair though :( , but it sure was fun!

Supreme Warlord
04-05-2002, 11:57 AM
I would love to meet Britney Spears!!!:D

Crazy_dog no.3
04-05-2002, 01:31 PM
What did he buy?:)

04-05-2002, 02:17 PM

When I had a job taking reservations for American Airlines, I talked with Charles Woodson (DB for the Raiders), he was pretty cool. He was booking a flight to go to Denver for rookie orientation (this was back in 98) and I spoke with Willie Gault (WR Bears back when they won the superbowl in 85) and that girl that starred in the Replacement Killers, I forgot her name, I asked her why she wasn't flying first class and she said she didn't make that much money.

Rogue Nine
04-05-2002, 04:46 PM
Brooke Langton, I think her name is. She's hot. :D

Orlando Jones was hilarious in that movie, and the Scottish kicker guy.

"Ah will survive!!!"


04-05-2002, 05:31 PM
I once saw Tony Kukoc at disney world. :D

Who is Tony Kukoc you ask? He used to be a player on the Chicago Bulls basketball team.

04-05-2002, 06:20 PM
I ran into Tim Salmon once at Wild Rivers in Irvine, CA, USA. He's an outfielder on the Anaheim Angels baseball team...

04-05-2002, 07:15 PM
Bah, I know of Toni Kukoc

Rogue Nine
04-05-2002, 07:31 PM
Yeah, isn't he on the Hawks now? He used to play with that Michael Jordan guy...

04-05-2002, 08:19 PM
Yeah he was with the miserable Hawks last time I checked...

I've also met really obscure baseball players that you've never heard of :D

Boba Rhett
04-05-2002, 08:27 PM
I've never met anyone famous but my brother-in-law tought Charleton Heston(sp?) tennis while he was here filming the flight 232 movie. :) Oh, and my brother, Todd was with Jack Nicholson alone in a diner. :eek:

04-05-2002, 11:30 PM
I met Chris FuamatuMa'afaala (what a name!)

He is a running back for the Pittsburgh steelers.

I met former Penguins Ken Wregget, ian Moran, and Tyler Wright. I have also met Kurt Angle, and Franco Harris.

That's all, I think :D

Kurt angle is a real nice guy. He works out at where I worked last summer.

04-05-2002, 11:38 PM
eew steelers sux0r. (ahem, don't take that seriously, they're my second favorite team...that was kioet speaking...)

I've seen a few popular peoples.....umm *thinks hard*

I got to see Sonic Flood and i shooked there hands and got free autograph i think they were free. I also got to see....well i forget. heeheheheheheheheheheheheh

aahhhh it's coming out again RUN AWAY NOW IT'S INVADING AAAHHHHH!!! I MEAN COOOOOOL!!!

Crazy_dog no.3
04-06-2002, 07:30 AM
I met Arnie once. Unfortunately he was not in a good mood.:D

04-06-2002, 03:26 PM
Wow...i guess a lot of us have seen famous people before huh?

Uutont Fær Uulion
04-06-2002, 05:03 PM
in some jobs you meet lots of famous people
travel agency

my brother he works at a ski resort and he meets all kinds of people. he's talked with Jodie Foster and Lennux Lewis.

Darth Homer
04-06-2002, 10:16 PM
Alas, I have not met anyone famous as I live in South Carolina...stupid state....want to leave when I graduate from college...go somewhere that gets concerts (and isn't so red-neckie).

My brother met Metallica after one o' their concerts in Houston....