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04-05-2002, 07:56 AM
Hello, i'm an old JK1, nice to meet u all :D

Ok, congrats to the Raven, great game, great move, great atmosphere , nothing to say but.... well.. the game is almost near the perfection, so let's try to reach it ;)


I read some post about the comparision with jk 1 and jk 2 saber style, well here is my opinion:

Someone called jk 1 style STRATEGIC, and it's true, try for a moment to FORGET the huge destrctive secondary fire, but jk 1 was studied to have, 5...6 primary moves, and a good use of keys and "fire1 pressing time " was able to make different combo just fixing togheter different moves, couse in jk 1 there was a sort of pause-time between a move and another one ( also primary shot ) but combo enable u to link togheter moves.

U had more schematic moves, i mean :

Forward hits, side hits, jump bottom hits, and slash, and i think that the BLOCK SYSTEM was better, i parry really more in jk 1 ( just putting my saber in the direction of the enemy attack ) then in jk2... sometimes also if i'm standing i CANT block a frontal hit.. it's just like block system in jk2 is RANDOM ( also if 90 % ) i'm not sure u can BLOCK everything if u are in good position, but u can just block depending from a sort of probabilistic calculate.

In jk 1 players were able to try ATTACK, or COMBO ATTACKS with a clear strategyin their mind, and every attack had a counter attack ( just dont consider the fire 2.. couse there are a lof of mod with new moves and with decreased damage to fire 2 ), but it was different from jk 2 style.. jk 2 is more "newbie" style.. i mean that u dont need to MAKE combo with your skill in pressing the right keys in the right time... ujust pres fire 1 and press some keys... the player will start a sort of acrobatic spin-dance, like a wheel, well i enjoy with hit like
BLUE stance : couch + forward + fire 1
YELLOW stance : side slashs

but IMO i think that a good way to play can be a system that enable u to make a duel like that.

player 1 vs player 2
1: start an attack with 3 foward combo
2 : block all the 3 forward and try a side step with a right slash,
1 : jump with a backflip the move and start in block system
the 2 players turn slowly around studing themselves
1 : start a fake shot on the right then side step and attackl from the left
2 : block the shot and jumping make a downhit to 1 head
1 : get the hit and make a back jump to take place
2 : start a rapid counter attack the immediatly try a head chop
1 : block all the attacks and near the head chop he crouch and charge the enemy with a stab

well... sincerly it was jk 1 style ( just without always run ) but in jk 2 what u see?

1: start a yellow attack and start spinnin around like a dancer
2: cant approch easly couse it's difficult to get close if the enemy is spinning everytime ( maybe for some lag )
1: start a sort of continuesly red shot just hoping to hit something
2 : start spinning him to just pressing EVERYTHING on thekeyboard and slashing furyosly the air
1 : try to jump the enemy but the only thing can do is an acrobatic flip in the air that.. yes it's funny, but it make more confusion to the attacker then to the defender :) lol

I think jk 2 system is GOOD.. O my god jk 2 it' ALMOST PERFECT, but i only think that an improved jk 1 system would be better.

Can some good MOD user be able to make a mod more like jk 1?
and maybe.. modify the block system, just with a balanced way to block.

Strategic game means that, in a huge chaos of direct hit, i must find the correct time to block the enemy shot, avoid the second one, and lnflict a good hit... and not just taking the time between a spin and another spin to hit the enemy!

It can be funny to see, but after all when u see that most of your moves are inefficaces if compared to the classical Redshot + blue strike move... and expecially when most of the time u STAND to block a shot and u DONT block anything it can be boring!!! couse u are fighting a spinning-top and not a jedi :)

Just check SEVERANCE : BLADE OF DARKENSS game.. or DIE BY THE SWORD, and get inspired

Other things to modfy:

-the backward run speed should be the half of forward speed, and it isnt in the game
-the acrobatic evasive manouvre should be faster but shorter, they are just a way to immediatly avoid a strke and get to enemy side, and not a rolling race , when i want to use this i just cross half of the map before stopping, and my enemy is far miles and miles from me!!!
Other things are just really good!

I't a good idea to use a BLOCK KEY , or maybe this thing could be better

Just imagine that ATTACK consume your force... it's like STAMINA, u cant ATTAC FOR HOURS AND HOURS just like a spin... u must choose really well your assault and your assault combo

Just use if u stand, u dont consume force in parrying but u just block a limited degrees angle, if u use your block stance u can use your hit to BLOCK enemy hits and maybe also to get close enough to hit him ( so u can use yout hit to block )

Or just use that a BLUE stance enable u a greater block degrees, a yellow stance a smaller, and a red stance a REALLY REALLY small!

It could be good :)


04-05-2002, 12:13 PM
Well, unless you wanted to have a pre-agreement with everyone in the game in JK, then that type of dueling with the primary fire only would not happen or be usefull since everyone else would be using 2ndary. The lightsaber system is dramatically improved in JKII, that is what they focused on. First of all, they added pixel collision detection so that you can block by attacking. Secondly, they added 3 stances, each with well over twice the moves in JK1. Thirdly, the you block in JKII more, but damage will sometimes get through depending on where their lightsaber is when you block it or what stance they are using. You can get hit with the very tip of a lightsaber on your shoulder and it will cause a small amount of damage, which is more realistic as well. Also, the blocking arc is alot bigger. I can fire a blaster at someoen with level 3 saber defense and they will block it even though they are turned almost perpendicular to me. Lastly, JKII has locational damage models. You can hit someone in the foot and it wont do as much damage as if you hit them in the head. Either youve never played JO or you just need to learn how to control it, but either way JO successfully turned an engine from a First Person Shooter into the engine of a first/third person melee/shooter. In JK you were just a guy with a lightsaber and you couldnt stand up against most guns, in JO there is a defense for every type of weapon (block, push, force sight), so the lightsaber can be used as effectively as a rocket launcher.

Also, if your doing more combos in JK1 than in JO, then your doing something wrong. Blue stance can chain attacks together indefinatly. Yellow stance can chain about 5 attacks together in one combo. Red stance can chain 2 attacks together, but not with all the attacks and much more slowly than the other styles.
The only combos I remember in JK was the forward+attack one, and that only did three strikes ,none of which reached out very far or did that much damage.

Rajess MoDuron
04-05-2002, 12:22 PM

A lot of what you talk about in the last part of your post will be included in my Mod. I just gave a real quick briefy in order to gauge people's interest. What I REALLY want to do though is shoot the "crap" with people and get a good flow of ideas. Anyway...later!


04-05-2002, 12:48 PM
1: Begins spinning madly in light or medium stance
2: charges at 1, then hits roll, emerges behind 1.
1: continues spinning
2: Stabs 1 in back when backside is exposed

Spins leave your entire body exposed if your opponent has good timing skills.

But if you want to see good saber fighting, I can reccomend Saber Battle X ( http://www.newcollective.org/sbx ) for JK1 and MotS