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Lord Chief
04-05-2002, 09:55 AM
Our main site, definitely worth checking out: www.starfighters.com/lsf
Our forum: http://forum.starfighters.com

If you want a good support for jk2 and other starwars games you may want to try LSF (Last Starfighter League). We have over 300 people worldwide.

We are very large and focus on a friendly and helpful atmosphere. We participate in a great many wars organized by Battlestats.com such as Week of Sabers, Week of War and Week of Duels. Were a mature bunch and detest cheaters/lamers/immature folk. We have full support for the 3 main sectors in the world: american, australian and europe/african

We have 3 factions that you can play in and that all have their own units: Empire, Rebels, Pirates/Mercenaries. We have our own dedicated servers used for training and games just played for the fun of it.

Just to show our serious intentions :) check out the sample page, the main Imperial faction page within LSF aswell as some of the Imperial units:


If youre interested or have any questions dont hesitate to email me at jhoeboer@hotmail.com

Ill be more than happy to asnwer any questions you may have.


Seryl Cann
04-05-2002, 07:29 PM
Hey there Chief :)

I think you forgot to mention we have our own online radio station (LSF Radio) and our own IRC server. :D