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04-05-2002, 07:59 PM
WLP is always recruiting, new members are always welcome. To join, goto: http://sw.wlp.org Then click enlist and continute through it, making sure to place my name in the RECRUITED BY... part, then after the paper is completed, e-mail me so that I might activate you on the Wraith Leage of Players. We play many other games, and have alot of allies and events. Currently, The Week of War(WoW) for JK and Week of Duels(WoD) for JKII in the Star Wars scene. We play other games like Rogue Spear, Rainbow Six, X-wing versus Tie Fighter, X-wing Alliance, Diablo II, Star Craft, Warcraft II Battle.net Edition, Age of Kings (and the Conquerers), Age of Empires (and Rise of Rome) Half-Life and Counter Strike. We have over 150 members with the counter always ticking up. We give out awards for things, like The Defence Medal, Training Medal and Instructors Citation. We have many campaigns, and experience is attained just for participation. We were founded in February of 1998, our leader is President Rodimus. We follow a precise Chain of Command (CoC). We are registered on Battle.stats and have our own Clan ladder for members and members of our alliances. There is almost never a time when at least one WLP member hasn't been online. We give out training when its requested for, no calling of "newbie"(or noob or n00b etc.) because we were all newbies at least once. If you have any questions e-mail me arteale@dellmail.com. AND REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!! :)

Private WLP_Espinado