View Full Version : Read Only sv_cheat issue

04-05-2002, 09:50 PM
where is the read only sv_cheat located so I can change it's properties. I want to be able to enable what ever cheats I want on a server with out having to use the devmap option to go straight into a server. It would nice to just be able to start up a server normally and then decide wether or not to enable a cheat. Is this possible? I have looked in the pak files but have not found anything. Is it one of the .cfg files? Is it something I have to add to the exec.... such as creating a server.cfg file with the line of "set sv_cheat 1" and having it run from the exec. line? I seem to be missing a crucial bit of information or I am simply not understanding everyones instructions. Devmapall does nothing in the server. "sv_cheats 1" just says that it is read only. The only way i seem to be able to get anything like what I want to do is "devmap ffa_bespin" or whatever. But that defeats the purpose of choosing server options and the like and it doesn't even enable most the items I want anyway.

As a side note, I can lan fine but I cannot seem to find servers on the internet. Everytime I try to get server list I lockup. Anyone have any clues on this. Another person in my dept. seems to have no trouble getting server list. We plan on hosting a 24/7 dedicated server for duels and such but have some of the these issues to work out first.