View Full Version : Does anybody know good ways to gather resources?

04-05-2002, 11:34 PM
:confused: I'm a newbie to GB and I always have lots of trouble gathering resoures and I end up cheating what are some good strategies?

04-06-2002, 12:47 AM
depends on the civ you use. I generally put all my workers on carbon first, and have at least 20 workers before moving to tech 2.

I use the scout to locate nerfs and food, if there's no food i have like 10 farmers and 10 carbon gatherers. always have at least the same amount on food and carbon. Also, when you hit tech 2, or are on your way, make 2 nova gatherers and 2 ore gatherers since you'll need those resources....also if you have a large body of water nearby it'd be wise to build a seaport/shipyard and like 4-8 utility trawlers in tech 1 depending on your food situation. For more nova, in Tech 2, immediately build a Jedi/Sith Temple then build a padawan/apprentice and go collect the holocrons, u don't need to collect them all, 4 will do (if u don't want to win the lame/pacifist way).

Also, be sure when u start out to select your scout and shift right click all over the map for 1-2 minutes and then let go of shift and right click somewhere on the map so he can go on a ton of waypoints and uncover alot of the map for you so you can determine places to set up defenses, foreward bases, etc.

I hope I helped...

Duke Straykker
04-06-2002, 01:22 AM
Haha, I aint a n00b, but you even taught me a couple of thigns, lol.

EG: I didnt know that you could do the waypoint thing. I normally just right clikc and wait, then right click then wait lol. Well, not wait, but go back to the base for a few seconds, then do it, then base then do it etc...

Thanks, even faster win now...........


04-06-2002, 01:43 AM
another thing that i've been doing is learning hotkeys. To get workers out easy, press H and then the shift+a (will select command center and then build 5 workers). :D hotkeys REALLY help me, altho i've been using them just this week so i can do stuff faster...

Duke Straykker
04-06-2002, 01:52 AM
Hehehe, another good idea.

Tell me Rogue15, have you any time right now for a game?

If so, refer to my post in the IP forum.....

04-06-2002, 03:28 AM
See my post on speed strats for gathering resources in T1. All carbon would be my suggestion on low food maps. To recap the standard 8-9 min T2 time build order:

1. Que four workers in CC, set gather point on carbon until you locate food.
2. Build two prefabs with your three initial workers.
3. ctrl-1 your scout. Using about 6 waypoints (right clicking) send your scout on a circle of your base to locate resources and free food.
4. Find 3-6 banthas/nerfs, send to CC for butchering. 10-13 banthas/nerfs. 5 to CC for butchering, rest in nursery.
5. By this time, you should have worker #4 and #5 on carbon. Change gather point to slaughterd nerfs and banths.
6. Build workers continuously until pop of 12-13. Build cpc.
7. In T1 make sure to place most of your workers (at least 15) on food. Food is what you need to get through the tech levels fast.
8. By this time your free food (nerfs/banthas) are probably almost dead. Switch food collectors to carbon. Build fpc, start building some farms.
9. By about your third farm, choose to build ore or nova proc.
10. Workers #16-18 go to carbon. #19 and #20 go to carbon.
11. Continue taking carbon collectors and making farms. 7-9 is sufficient in T1 for constant worker production.
12. hit the T2 button around the 7 or 8 min mark.

Notes: I live and die by hotkeys. There is a post in the heavengames forum


on hotkeys. Those are the ones I use.

In summary, make sure most workers go to food in T1. Food is what you need to get to T2. Here is my breakdown 10 food/farms, 6 carbon, 4 ore or nova (you will make this choice depending on what type of rush you are going to do).