View Full Version : An idea for a mod..

04-06-2002, 03:17 AM
I dont know how to edit games at all, but I do have a very cool idea for a mod...

Jedi Outcast has an awesome saber system, and it could probably be adapted into a kickass hand to hand system too. Along with that it has the standard weapon system, which still kicks ass... What's my point??

A Medival(sp) mod...just think, axes, spears, swords..maybe some monks, archers..hell with the block system maybe you could throw in shields etc..

Make some forest/castles/villages maps, you could throw in wizards or magic or something if you wanted..(assuming force powers are editable)..

Just something I was thinking about..and if there's already one of these in the make gimme the URL please : )
:D :D :D