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04-06-2002, 03:41 AM
I know we can't import the models yet, and that they may be modified from q3 format slightly, but to the best of anyone who reads this' knowledge:

1)In a failed attempt at importing a new Lightsaber model earlier, I got an error that it could not be over 1000 polygons, does this apply to player models as well?

2) I am currently working on a boba fett model ( my first real low poly model attempt) and I have no real knowledge on q3 model specifics. I believe i read that you the head the torso and the legs? Is this the limit on how many pieces can make a model? (like in weps you can have wsaber and wsaber_1 or whatever it is) Can this (or something similar) be done with player models?
because it will be very difficult for torso w/ arms to be under 1000 if that is necessary limit for player models.

3) Do the pieces of the body have to be one model? like do the head verticies need to be welded to the neck ones? I would assume that this is not the case, considering parts can be dismembered but just in case...

Thanks in advance all

04-06-2002, 03:45 AM
uh....I didn't even think you could make new models until the SDK is released.....this isn't the Q3 modeling system, it's ghoul2...kinda similar to SoF

04-06-2002, 04:09 AM
ah, okay, well that's okay too. but the questions still apply, and the 1000 poly thing is JO because i did import a saber model, ...it just showed up as normal one because you can't import till the sdk, but this was before i knew that, like last week or something. And that 1000 poly cam up in JO anyone know anything about that?

04-06-2002, 05:20 AM
All i know is this..in a q3a model its broken down into groups..Head..Torso..hands..and legs can vary a bit. in a q3a model the head is not attached to the neck. But Damnit What's The poly Limit :mad:

04-06-2002, 06:47 AM
Once again, until you learn :)
sdk : software development kit (source code for hm)
gdk : game development kit (modeling, level editing, skinning, ...)

Now from what I read (assuming a little that jk2 and sof2 are using similar technologies) the new models are constructed of 1 mesh. Meaning that there is no division between head, upper body and lower body. (not 100% sure though)