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04-06-2002, 02:42 PM
Included in this mission pack:
- 2 new skins
- 6 new samples
- hours of fun!

In this level, the player controls a Gonk droid. The challenge of this level is that the droid is so slow that it takes patience getting from one place to another. The level is poorly designed so that the Gonk often falls in places where it is permanently stuck. There is no other way of getting out than rebooting the game (this is not a bug).

After having solved fun but tedious puzzles (such as pressing a button to unlock a cargo bay door miles apart from its controls) the player finds C3PO.

The objective is to reunite C3PO with its builder and creator, the Sith Lord Darth Vader (he built it when he was young Anakin, it was the missing puzzle piece that made movie viewers understand why the protocol droid was so annoying).

In a cutscene, the player sees C3PO chattering with the Gonk droid. The Gonk droid emmits the same dull sample again and again, but C3PO annoyingly but clervely builds a conversation out of it.

Ultimately, Gonk (player) boards a Stardestroyer and introduces C3PO to Darth Vader. With a few loud "gonks" to convince the latter, the dark lord finally admits and reaches out to C3PO, dramatically uttering "C3PO... I am your father."

Editing team:
Chris "Crystal" McTavish (channeling and level design)
Jimmy Wormer (3d models)
Rupert "magic" O'Donnel (C++ & more)

04-06-2002, 04:52 PM
The level is almost out. A small bug due to the "no weapons" routine delays us considerably. It would be unfortunate that the Gonk could pick up weapons and use them.

Also, Chris decided to slow the service droid down a little more to make the challenge last longer.

Level design is the hardest, since we are making this map as HUGE as we can. We want the Gonk (player) to find delight in facing interminable stretches of corridors before reaching its destination. When you think you're there, there's a similar corridor awaiting just around the corner.

Moreover, Rupert (our lead programmer), has come up with a routine to slow down the Gonk as it progresses, to emulate power consumption. The power ups serve as a "gas station" for our Gonk -- litteraly recharging it and making it recover its normal pace. Players will find it challenging to cut corners with as little steps as possible to save energy.

The left mouse click (fire) allows players to "gonk". But it serves no purpose up to now.

More news soon.