View Full Version : My binds so far

04-06-2002, 05:28 PM
i've already posted this in the general section

Here's a list of macro's that i've bound thus far:

Jedi Outcast: JukeBox... allows selection of song and control over it (volume, play/stop) in multiplayer... bound to keypad buttons (uses up at least 15 keys)

Saber Colour Switcher... allows you to cycle through saber colours by pressing [ and ] keys (uses at least 1 key)

Multiplayer Zoom... allows you to zoom in and out in multiplayer using the mouse wheel, by pressing g, pressing it again zooms to normal and switches the mouse wheel back to it's previous binds (in my cast next a previous force powers) (uses at least 1 key)

if anyone would like a copy of the configs, just email me xorkaya@hotmail.com

i know, hehe, all you experienced scriptors out there are think'n 'easy stuff', but this is for the less experienced people out there. :)