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These are a set of rules that I not only created, but obviously borrowed from others. I think its a good set of rules in maintaining a stable clan, and I would like your input on it.
Even though some of them are corny, I think most are helpful.
Obviously they were for my clan, The Jedi Mafia, and help yourself if you want to adopt this "constitution" for your own clan. I find these rules much better than a chain of command or a council or any other kind of setup. Unless you have a 200 member clan I find it better to avoid these "select" groups of members and keep everyone equal or things can get rather ugly.


The Jedi Mafia has always tried to excel in governing its members, and keeping a steady relationship with outside organizations. We have compiled rules that have developed and changed over our time we have been in the gaming community. We hope, with these, we can better ourselves as well as the people around us.


- Mafia does not allow cheating at all in its clan from any player(s). You must have proof that one of our members is cheating if you are to warn us that he is.

- If any member is caught using cheats in any game they will immediately be removed and banned from Mafia.

Enemies & Alliances

- Making an alliance with a clan involves research and extensive observation. You must be recognized in the gaming community and have an honorable name.

- Enemies are formed by people who are ignorant and do the wrong things to prompt us to put them on our enemies list. There is no boundaries for what one can do to get on this list, but the only thing we can say is that its a matter of opinion, and we will not be biased. If you are on the enemies list, it was a fair consequence to whatever your actions were.


- Challenges can be given by any members who setup a team match.

- Any members that challenge other clans may choose their own team but should use proper judgment before doing so in case the clan being challenged is suspected of cheating, being highly skilled, etc.

- Mafia considers all challenges that its members give to other clan officials and we will respond to the challenged clan to let them know when we would like the battle to take place (the battle may be removed when requested by the challenged clan).

- Mafia considers any challenges that we receive through the website to be official and the results will be posted on the site.


- A member has duties and responsibilities. All members should strive their hardest to follow these, so that they can make Mafia and themselves as a member great.

- If a member will not be able to participate in matches or practices and won't be online for the required amount of time, they must send an email to the rest of Mafia telling how long they will be away and a reason for it. Also, they may leave a message on the message board to inform the rest of the clan for the reason of their absence.

- Members who are unable to come to practice or battles should email the organizer of the event in advance.

- Members are required to be in the Mafia ONLY! No exceptions!

- Members should use the word Mafia before their name in any games that they play or on game services such as The Zone.

- Members are encouraged to take part in the game community (editing, web pages, etc.) to have an extra skill. Having these skills makes members that much better and makes them very resourceful to the Mafia clan.

- Members should have self motivation and self confidence. They should believe in themselves and their abilities.

-Members should drive themselves for improvement on their abilities. They should strive for improvement and research and practice for it.


Obey the rules

-Obeying Mafia's rules keeps order in the clan. If members did not obey the rules, we would certainly have chaos.

Defend the clan

-While one is in Mafia, it should believe in everything it stands for. In doing this, you should defend Mafia against outside forces who have possibly endangered the clan.


Be informed

-Being informed as a member contains many things. First off, you should know the clan's rules, duties, and responsibilities. Knowing these is the best way to preserve them. You should also be familiar with clan activities. Knowing the clan is the best way to make a difference and to speak your opinion. You must have a well developed opinion before you can voice it. Being informed is the best way to form that.

-You should be familiar with the gaming community. Reading web pages is the best way to know this. Knowing the activities of the gaming community is the best way you can make a difference in it.

-A well developed member should know what the clan's plans are. Finding these out can be done by reading the news, the message board, or asking other members questions.


-Voting is one of Mafia's most cherished responsibilities. It is the members best way to make a difference in this clan. Voting for members, rules, etc. helps shape our clan and forms its future. All members should exercise this responsibility to take part in the clan.

Participate in your clan and gaming community

-Participating in your clan can be done by voting, voicing opinions, holding clan practices, or playing with other clan members. Participating in your clan is very important. Think about what the clan would be like if no one would play, take part in voting, etc. Clans need participation to maintain success.

-The gaming community is vast and unknown. Its full of opportunities for clans and clan members. We take advantage of this opportunity by taking part in communities. By doing this, we make symbols of ourselves and the clan. Doing extra things besides playing games like level design, web page design, and many other things are examples of participation. Making symbols of ourselves creates honor for us, for you, and for the gaming community. Participating in the community is the best way to change it as you see fit.


- Those wanting to join can ask any of the Mafia members for a tryout or fill out the form on our web site.

- The settings of each tryout will be put in place for the style of playing recommended by the one being tried out so he will received a better tryout.

- We look for members who having playing ability, good personality, good activity, and do extra things besides playing. Having a good personality is a must, and the drive for self improvement and self confidence. Members who are willing to do extra things (like editing or web sites) for the gaming community is a definite plus for us because we like for our members to not just play the game but participate in the gaming community. Activity is a must, at least 3-4 time a week must you be on. If you can't we understand but we are interested in members who are willing to be online and participate in the clan.

- If a player receives the approval of a member after a tryout, they must report that person to the leaders at the time. If the leaders approve that person joining Mafia, they must go under a 2 week evaluation period.

- During the 2 week evaluation period the person under evaluation must get to know the other members and play them. They must show their skill and activity. Possible members for Mafia are based on activity and skill, but mostly attitude.


- All decisions made by the clan (such as forming new rules, electing new leaders, appointing master titles, etc.) must be put to a proper vote which can be proposed by any member through email or another messenger.

- Votes are passed if a majority of the clan approves.

- If a member fails to return his vote after 4 days of receiving the email, his decision will be ignored and the voting process will continue.

- If there is a tie in the votes, then the decision will go through further delegation until it is voted upon again. If a tie still arrives, then the decision of the leaders
at the time will determine what the final decision is.

- If there is a tie between leaders, then the voting is tossed out and disregarded. The vote can still be introduced in a later period, however.

- A member should know the persons under evaluation in order to have a well developed vote. Getting to know the person is the best way you can base your opinion on them.

Becoming a Mafia Jedi Master

- In order to become a Master in Jedi knight you must show outstanding loyalty, skill, and ability. Not only in the playing field, but outside the game in the game community.
Mafia encourages all knights to take part in the game community (editing, web pages, etc.) so they will have extra skills beneficial to Mafia. These are the kind of knights
become masters.

- To become a master someone must nominate you for the position, then it is to be voted upon by the clan with the exception of the person nominated.

Member Limit

- In order for Mafia to keep track of all of their members we have set a member limit.

- The member limit for The Jedi Mafia is 15 members, no more.

- Having a member limit ensures quality in our knights, and gives us the ability to feel each other's moves better.

Mafia Elects

- Names of friends of the Mafia can be submitted to the leaders for the possibility of become a Mafia Elect. If the leaders review it and everyone votes on it unanimously then that person becomes a Mafia Elect.


-The following titles are rates, not ranks. The difference between rate and rank is that, we have no rank. Rank shows position of power and level, while our rates only give more responsibility to those who can handle the job and get it done correctly. The clan entrusts themselves in these people and does not give them more power than any other member.

Clan Ambassador

- The Clan Ambassador will handle all situations regarding outside clan negotiations and diplomacy's. A clan ambassador is the person everyone that has a question or suggestion about allieship should report to.

- The Clan Ambassador is chosen by first nomination of that person, then a majority vote from the clan. That person will uphold the clan's honor when consulting with other clans or members, and will always maintain his/herself's honor.

- There should be only one member holding the position of Clan Ambassador at a time.

Clan Head of Education and Training

- The Clan Head of Education and Training will make sure all members are well developed, informed, and knowledgeable about the game they are currently playing. He will test members, and evaluated them to check their knowledge and ability. If he finds members are lacking knowledge and ability, he will point them in the right direction on how to improve themselves.

- The Clan Head of Education and Training is chosen by first nomination of that person, then a majority vote from the clan. That person will uphold the clan's honor when consulting with other clans or members, and will always maintain his/herself's honor.

- There should be only one member holding the position of Clan Head of Education and Training at a time.

Clan Leader(s)

- The Clan Leaders overwatches all activities of the clan and make's sure they run as smoothly as possible (ex. Web Site is updated, members are active). The leaders enforce the rules, and bring up issues and settles disputes in the clan.

- As said before, no extra power is given to these members, just more of a responsibility. He should be the one others go to if they need help interpreting the rules if there is a problem in understanding them.

- The electing of a clan leader is done by the most delicate process and should be reviewed heavily beforehand.

- There is no set number of leaders, but be forewarned that only the most responsible and most dedicated should have this position in their grasp.

Electing a new leader

- The election of a new leader is done by first the clan members nominating a potential leader and then voting on him with a majority vote.

- If there is a corrupt leader, then the members have the right to vote him out of office with a majority vote.

- If there is a corrupt group of members and they elect a leader out of office for their own benefit, then the allies along with the members who were thrown out have the permission to take control and bring justice back to Mafia.

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Looks good.