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Hell Raiser
04-08-2002, 05:02 AM
Well, in Quake 3 it was easy.

a/s/d/w - movement
q/e - weapon cycle (also mouse scroll if it would work :mad: )
tab - scores
spacebar - use item (Quad damage, teleport, ect)
t - talk
y - team talk
mouse 1 - fire
mouse 2 - jump
mouse x/y - aim

Now here comes JK2 with it's forcepowers and invintory and whatnots :nut: Currently I have:

a/s/d/w - movement
q/e - force power cycle
f - use force power
r - saber stance
tab - scores
space - crouch
left shift - 2nd fire
t - talk
y - team talk
F1 - Force Field
F2 - Bacta
F3 - Little white ball thingie that shoots at enemies ;P
F4 - Sentry
F5 - Saber Challange
F6 - Cycle Camera
Mouse 1 & Numpad enter - Primary Fire (np enter for saber locks ;) )
Mouse 2 - Jump
Mousewheel - Weapon cycle
Mousewheel Button - Use

Everything works out fine except 2nd fire and cycling force powers. If I'm strafing a certian way and moving forward/back then 2nd fire won't work. (st00p keyboard) Also, I can't cycle force fast enough to push someone that's gripping me or to heal ect ect.

I'd like some suggestions on the aformentioned problems. I could probably get used to 2nd fire on mouse 2, jump on spacebar and crouch on left shift, but suggestions are still welcome. :) I can have at least one finger on a movement key when it comes to force power management, so hitting G for push wouldn't be too much trouble. (hey, I got big hands and long fingers :D hmmmmm, G for push...... yes...... )

Heck, just post your keyboard/mouse setup if nothing else, maybe I can get some ideas. :D

04-08-2002, 05:09 AM
First of all dump those things like inventory stuff in MP, along with the lil white balls and stuff. Bind keys like e,q,r and stuff to force powers like push and pull (if you use them) to make room so you dont have to switch between alot of them. I have mine set up with WASD... space-jump...c-crouch.. shift-walk. Mouse 3 I have set up for the different stances and mouse 4 for heal. Play around and see what you like to use most, if you are a gun person change those keys to certain guns if you want. But there will be some things you just dont need for normal MP. If you want bind a key like L to exec a different cfg file, so if you are going into a ctf game it doesnt get complicated to change your stuff around or anything. I have 3 configs handy set on the j k l keys. One is for Light force, one is for dark force and the third is just for playing around.

04-08-2002, 05:12 AM
yeah i've been playing fps games for along time so i got used to using the arrow keys instead of changing over to the wasd config.
up arrow- forward
down arrow- back
left arrow- strafe left
right arrow- strafe right
ctrl- duck
ins- push
home- pull
pgup- speed
delete- cant remember
end- grip
pgdwn- heal
\- lightning
space- use
alt- cant remember either...
enter- use items
mouse1- fire1
mouse2- fire2

those are the main keys cant think of what i'm missing, brains a little overloaded from doing too much homework. trying to think of where to put weapon switch, maybe alt but i'm not sure yet.

04-08-2002, 05:12 AM
I in no way am the greatest saberist, nor do I claim to be. Yet here is my humble setup...

Q/E - Strafe
W/S - Foward/Backward
A/D - Left/Right
R - Heal (R for repair)
F - Main force power (this is the one I mainly use dark or lightsided)
X - select main force power
Z - Seeing (just incase)
numpad enter, mouse1 - attack (enter for locks, just like you :D )
C - duck
Left Shift - speed/drain/protect (I constantly rebind this key, as it is my alt force power)
CTRL - Pull
mouse 3 - Push
mouse 2 - Saber Throw
[ ] and Enter - inventory items
V - taunt
Spacebar - Jump

Edit: I also unbound the mousewheel as scrolling weapons, as I would scroll weapons everytime I used push.

Hell Raiser
04-08-2002, 05:19 AM

Thanks for the .cfg binding suggestion! I never really thought of that, cuz I do have a slightly diff config for each game type. :)

bind j exec ctfconfig.cfg would be the command, right?

Dump the Invintory stuff? Are you crazy? :P :)

Well, I get 3 keys for force powers if I drop the force cycle bit, and I can probably put lesser accesed force powers in diff areas.

Thanks for the suggestions Gobo, but........ no thanks. ;)

Also thanks in advance for any other suggestions/layout posts

I love you all.... really...... I do. :nut:

04-08-2002, 05:24 AM
Yeah this is the way it looks in the config file.
bind k "exec darkgz.cfg"
bind j "exec wee.cfg"
bind l "exec gz.cfg"

And these 3 lines are in all 3 configs exactly the way it looks here, so you can easily just hit k to go to one config then l to go back. LOL it also looks funny when you set different skins and saber colors in each one so when you are dueling someone, I like to tap those keys a couple times and freak the person out. :rolleyes:

04-08-2002, 06:12 PM
I was once an arrow key guy, too, but I soon figured out that comfortable force using was NOT happening that way. I switched to the WASD, et cetera config.


W = Forward
S = Backward
A = Strafe Left
D = Strafe Right
Shift = Crouch
Mouse 2 = Jump, hold for Force Jump


Mouse 1 = Fire 1
Mouse 3/wheel = Fire 2, roll wheel to change weapons
Activate = Space
Use item = Enter
Bacta = B
Lightsaber stance = E


R = Pull
Q = Push
C = Grip
Alt = Lightning
Caps Lock = Mind Trick
F5 = Healing, I don't use it much during fighting, just for periods of rest.

I've found a couple of these to be mildly uncomfortable (lightning, grip) but it's improved my abilities a lot, having the force powers right there for you. Did I leave something out?

04-08-2002, 06:25 PM
Am I the only one who uses the number pad? Too many keys for me to use the BIG keyboard. :rolleyes: