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04-08-2002, 07:53 PM
i feel like being a little rude so here i go.
on GSpy's site they reviewed (of course) JK2
i was amazed at how inaccurate the reviewers account of the Dark Force's History was!
so, as said i am permitted, i posted my 2 bits of info and corrected a few things with it

heres his shindig he had on the scenario for JK

For those new to the series, the Jedi Knight games are set during (and after) the original Star Wars timeline, so you won't see any Episode I tie-ins here. Our hero, Kyle Katarn, started out as a mercenary for the Empire, but upon learning they were responsible for his father's death, he switched sides and began working for the Rebellion. (Tidbit: In the very first mission of Dark Forces, Kyle was tasked with retrieving the blueprints later used to destroy the Death Star.) In Jedi Knight, Kyle learns a little more about his family and discovers he actually has some Jedi abilities of his own. For the first time in the series, you're given a lightsaber and the ability to build up various Force powers, eventually having to choose between the Light and Dark paths, each with a few unique missions en route to the game's conclusion in the Valley of the Jedi.

here was my correction when i posted

Do you people here at GSpy ever read the games actual history or do you make it up as you go along? Heres a little Dark Forces History lesson
first off, Kyles parents weren't killed by the empire, the empire told him the rebels had done so. but later came to find out from Jan that was not true and his father lived.
In Jedi Knight/Dark Forces 2 his father was killed by Jerec. As for learning anything of his family.. wrong agian. Rahn was a friend of Morgan Katarn (Kyle's father), and as for where Kyle got his force powers from, thats just unknown. The Lightsaber he got in JK1 was Rahns old one however.

was i far off in any of that?

i recently got an e-mail in my inbox from the reviewer basicly with him laughin saying i was wrong.. and since i'm not that rude i won't post its contents. maybe i will later if i get consent or just out of the inability to stop laughing... (he said Morgan was dead long before JK LOLOLOL)
but my response was simple

and i quote from the JK2 official page

"Kyle Katarn is a man who has seen all sides of the Force. He has served in
the special operations division of the Imperial Army, as a Rebel Alliance
agent, and also as a Jedi Knight. Born on Sulon, the moon of Sullust, Kyle
came from farmer stock and had a close-knit family. But while training at
the Imperial Academy, he was dealt a crushing blow: An Imperial notification
tricked him into believing his parents were killed in a Rebel Ambush.

Vowing for revenge against the Alliance, Katarn joined the special ops
division of the Imperial Army; however, he soon learned the true face of the
Empire and his hatred grew for its underhanded ways. Katarn ended his
Imperial service when he elected to help Jan Ors escape from their clutches.

Freed from his Imperial post, Katarn turned into a mercenary-for-hire. Along
with Ors he vowed to help the Alliance fight against the Empire.

His cause took on a greater importance when he learned of the true fate of
his father, who was killed by a Dark Jedi named Jerec. This revelation led
Kyle on a journey to the hidden Valley of the Jedi, where he learned of his
powerful Jedi destiny. Kyle grappled with the rigid duality of the force and
nearly fell to its dark side. "

now, tell me, who killed Morgan Katarn? Who killed Kyle's parents?
in JK Morgan stated to Kyle in the holo image when Kyle insterted the disk
into WeeGee that "The Second item is a LightSaber, it once belonged to a
great friend and Jedi, Rahn"
play the game! i've been in and out of it for monthes now waiting for JK2!

i may have been a bit rude, but then agian, to be a little childish, he started it! :p

Wes Janson SMR
04-08-2002, 08:00 PM
Let them bask in their ignorance. We know the truth.

And from now until the next expansion pack, may he, the article auther, lose all multiplayer games!

04-08-2002, 08:01 PM
heh i was sitting here waiting for that repsonse (doing my probe droid thing (i like titles :) ))
ignorance... i KNEW there was a word for it!