View Full Version : nothing 2 do with starwars, but did ne1 c the new planet of the apes?

08-20-2001, 07:57 PM
it didnt make much sence to me, and it kinda disturbed me how the monkey woman(cnt remember names) had a crush on the lead character. there r many reasons that i didnt understand some of it (there were inconsistancie) but i would like 2 no others thoughts

Lord JayVizIon
08-21-2001, 03:31 AM
umm, no. i heard it wasn't that good, and i heard that from MANY people. i'm not even going to bother.

this is a sad summer for blockbuster movies. hopefully next year when episode 2 comes out that they'll rekindle the trend of blockbuster summer movies again like past years.

08-21-2001, 03:44 AM
So comparing it to the original, what one was better? :)

General Nilaar
08-22-2001, 12:21 AM
Planet of the Apes wasn't that bad, it just wasn't that fantastic either;) A decent enough movie when compared to just about everything else that came out so far this summer.

Of course that's not saying that much when you consider this is one of the worst summer's movie wise I can remember;)

Maybe Musketeer will be worth the price of the popcorn....

That's ok, Christmas brings the first Lord of the Rings movie, and next year Episode II!

08-22-2001, 12:25 AM
It didnt make much sense to me(but i guess u knew that eh..lol) the fact that they used his ship and tried to make it look like the statue of liberty, the fact that at the end..he went bkwards in time and the apes were more technologicly advanced'(used human technology) im my opinion, the origional was far better....and all that crap better be explained sooner or later.