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07-14-2000, 11:10 PM
Okay, not directly SW related, but I have been spooging over this game for some time.

It's got to be one of the best classic sequals/adaptations ever done for an arcade game.

I only played it casually in the arcade until I had a chance to play the Dreamcast version at length. Great game! So addictive, even though the whole point of the arcade version is to suck your quarter-supply dry building up a kick butt character(s) to take out anybody, gather all the rune stones, and send Skorne back to hell. Great team play as well.

The DC version of GL is really fun, easier in some ways, harder in others. They are different enough that you can play both of them and still enjoy each equally.

There are puzzles sure, but they aren't that bad. Most of the game is spent in heroric battles and friendly competition, but humor and teamwork play a major role, keeping you coming back for more.

Why couldn't Jedi Power Battles have been this cool??

Sure you can't jump, but jumping in JPB is nearly useless because you can't do any sort of mid-air attacks. It was just for those dumb jump puzzles..

And the magic in GL is even more varied. Your attacks are simple.. slash up close, throw at a distance. You have turbo attacks/throws, and two special turbo powered attacks. Plus you can use your magic as a shield, throw it, or use it like a bomb.

In the IGN interview on the upcoming DC port of JPB, they mention GL. Hey, if they can make it half the game GL is, they are on to something. Really.

GL is a simple game, even for a 3d game, but it's FUN. It has easy to learn gameplay, responsive controls (sure there are a couple of bugs, like sometimes two characters get stuck, which sucks big time) but there's not alot to screw up. It has major replay value, and teamwork in there. You can continue on the fly (at least in the arcade) so your progress continues, even if you got gipped by some cheapshot.

LEC, take a good look at this Atari game.. they really have a good formula going. Learn from them, and make DC JPB the game PSX JPB should have been...


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