View Full Version : Target Adds maby?

04-09-2002, 10:22 AM
Computer gate, Crucial, EBWorld... Thats what one would expect from a game site... right? Stuff gamers would WANT! Stuff that has a chance of selling...

But I see....
Jewlery.com- Did our Wives/GF PAY you to place this banner.. Cause Buying them Jewlery is NOT on the average gamer's mind while surfing a JK2 forum... And while the female gamer population is thankfuly rising... Are they looking at jewlery? I dont pretend to understand the female mind... But I dont think it's on Jewelry That Much... Makes me wonder what gets advertised ate Jewelry.com.... Chainsaws?

Credit History? Ok Maby we stretched the plastic a little thin on the last Upgrade round... But thats a stretch to think that we would be needing to check our history.. Are we buying a home? If we are, Why are we comming to JKII to find a credit-checker?

Olympic Berets? Ok well that looks like the kind of junk you buy at a road-side tourist trap...

Oh I won a $1100 Shoping spree... I must be the luckiest man alive cause I win that spree EVERY TIME I COME HERE!!!!
I'm saving them up... After about a hundred visits I will have won enough to buy a home in cash and not need that free credit report... Oooh Add a couple more visits and I can buy my GF an engagement ring at Jewlery.com!!

But just in case that plan dosent work there is an add for a GM Mastercard Platnum... I'd like to pause and check the ages of posters here.... WOW average into the early-mid twenties! (I'm guessing) Thats due to a TON of under 18 visitors (Who are not legaly alowed a credit card in their name) A bunch of college students (if the law was sane THEY shouldn't be allowed NEAR a credit card, for evidence check my credit history from ages 18-22)
And maby a couple who Are older, have established careers and steady income that would qualify them for a platnium card....

The rest is Ad Council PSAs I guess these are aplicable to any site as they do pass on usefull information

And Domain saver is sorta targeted... Alot of editors and server admins do have their own site so thats just fine

For the rest... are you getting ANY click-through?

04-10-2002, 09:24 AM
Now I get a popup that looks like a system message with ONLY the option to hit "OK" and the exit button is greyed out?
Come on now people!
I mean I have to use 2 fingers at once to hit ALT and F4