View Full Version : Sticky request: Dismemberment

04-10-2002, 09:12 AM
Could some admin please make the following thread a sticky one:


Because searching is (or was?) not functional, and people post before they search :(

Thanks a lot

04-10-2002, 02:05 PM
While I can see the validity of your argument...there is still a problem. A lot of people who visit the boards simply don't read the sticky posts either. :(

They hit the first link they see - the Valley, then hit New Thread straight away and post their topic. I know...because I've put up a sticky indicating the appropriate forums for particular topics, and there are still a large number of posts made in the Valley that simply don't belong.

The other problem with making particular topics sticky...is that (a) there are so many valid topics, (b) to put up a sticky on even a bare minimum of valid topics would fill the first page with sticky posts, and (c) a discussion thread will only remain sticky for a short period anyway.

I too wish that more people would take the time to read through the first couple of pages of posts to see if their topic is being discussed - or indeed, read some of the readily available FAQ's, or information available at the jediknightii.net main site. Sometimes, all they have to do is visit the appropriate forum, particularly in relation to Single Player strategies.

However, it is quite hard to get some people into that way of thinking, apparently.

For the time being, the main sticky posts will be focused on how to use the forums effectively.