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10-07-2001, 03:19 AM
I'll make this short. I'm buying a new computer. I have a darn near perfect 21 in. monitor and thus do not need to purchase another one. I just bought the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer and there is no other mouse that can compete with this, so I don't need a mouse either. I'm giving my current computer to my brothers for $200 (they are lucky to have me). I have exactly $3,000 I'm willing to spend because this is what I spent last time and my computer lasted me three years. Here is what I'm getting:

Intel 850 motherboard with 1 AGP/5PCI/1CNR
P4 2Ghz
18GB 15,000 RPM Ultra160 SCSI drive (3.9ms seek, 2ms latency, 4MB cache)
160MB Ultra 160 SCSI controller
64MB GeForce3
SoundBlaster LIVE! 5.1
16X DVD/40X CD
S4 Midiland 8200 speakers and sub
Ethernet card
Dragon full tower case 340W
Custom video cooling system
Windows XP
1 year parts/labor warranty
Computer manuals...
*Absolutely nothing more comes with the above system

My question is not so much am I buying the right parts. I know this is exactly what I want. I'm wondering if the price of $2983 fits. If anyone out there is good at pricing computers then let me know if I'm getting a good deal here. For a system without a monitor that may seem steep, but the hard drive is where the money is going. I really can't understand why people don't put in a little extra money to improve the slowest component of their computer...

Does the system make you drool? :O)

10-07-2001, 01:40 PM
That sounds maybe a tiny bit high, but then again, 512 is a ton of RAM, and you have DVD, which is not really that much more expensive, but it adds on. Overall, I'd say it isn't too bad. By the way, you didn't get a CD-RW?

10-07-2001, 04:59 PM
Have a CD-RW on this computer that I just recently bought and I'll pull it out and put it in my new computer. 512 isn't a ton of RAM considering many people are buying a GB. Like I said before, the hard drive and scsi controller are the most expensive components of the computer.

10-07-2001, 05:00 PM
Oh, the graphics card and speakers are also the best money can buy, which also adds to the price...

10-08-2001, 04:34 AM
well, what will you be using your computer for? Gaming? Writing papers? strictly internet and email?

10-08-2001, 08:22 AM
i was thinking '$3000!!!! awesome! id go that!'

but then i remembered that ur not an aussie :)

i think its a tad steep...

10-08-2001, 12:34 PM
I've used the current exchange rate to convert dollars to pounds...and you would be paying £2029.

I've just used a cost calculator at a PC maker's site, using similar specs to yours, and it comes out a lot steeper. Then again, I costed it in the UK, where PC prices are usually higher anyway. Nevertheless, for a similar spec as that, I'd be paying £400 more than you (exluding VAT), so it looks like a good deal.

Personally, though, I wouldn't go for a P4. ;-) I could get a similarly specified Ahtlon 1.4Ghz system with 1Gb PC2100 DDR Ram for slightly less than the cost of your system.

10-08-2001, 02:16 PM
I use my computer for everything Kylilin.

Sorry you have to pay so much for a computer! I can't take your advice on the Athlon, though. I've checked all the benchmarks comparing the P4 2Ghz and the Athlon 1.4Ghz and in most applications they do in fact perform the same. But for memory-intensive applications the P4 does come out on top by a significant amount. For the kinds of applications I'm using now and for the games of the future I think the P4 is a better investment. I know it is more expensive but you pay extra for that little extra edge...

10-08-2001, 09:08 PM
Haha, how about $2807 for everything I mentioned. They now throw in a free memory upgrade. Waiting just a day to buy the system really payed off!

Uutont Fær Uulion
10-11-2001, 07:57 PM
My brother has a P1 and he has altered his copy of windows 98 so that only the necessary features remain. He can do anything with his altered copy that I can with my unaltered copy.
We have exactly the same hardware, but his is about the speed of a P4.
I asked him to do the samething to mine, but he can't figure out what he did.

10-12-2001, 03:06 AM
Sure... I hope you get medical attention as soon as possible.

For anyone who is curious, I bought the system and it will arrive in a week or two. Of course by the time it arrives it will be a dated system...

10-19-2001, 11:02 PM
Hey, ahnfahn!

Congrats on the new computer! Looks like this one's got all the horsepower you need to write an AI program with soul!

Gotta be a Dell, right?


10-20-2001, 05:25 PM
Hey Jim. Yeah, the computer is about the best money can buy. Would easily beat any human at chess given the right program. I'm doing my best to improve my knowledge of AI in that AI class I'm taking, but so far I haven't been introduced to anything new or interesting. If you ever study computer science in great detail you will find out that computer scientists only care about two things - the speed of their program and what their program can do to improve the quality of human life. Thus all I am learning is how to make a computer solve problems that humans can't (or can't solve fast enough), and in no way do we ever attempt to make a computer think like a human. In fact the sole purpose of modern AI is to make an agent that is perfectly rational. I'm rather disappointed in the class because it is meant to teach us how to make industrial applications that are intelligent yet it doesn't address the whole idea of making a computer that is aware of itself, has feelings, etc. I don't think anyone is even willing to give this a shot, perhaps because the task seems impossible but mainly because there is no profit to be made.

The computer is from www.alienware.com (http://www.alienware.com) . Dell doesn't offer 15K rpm SCSI hard drives. Also, alienware was cheaper because I had the option to not purchase the mouse, 56K modem, speakers, and software that Dell requires you to buy.

Switching the subject, I'd like to congradulate you on your book release. I've been waiting quite a while and asked Bethany a few times when it would be out. I'd love to buy a copy to boost your sails so tell me where I can purchase the book! Can't wait to visit everyone again...

Uutont Fær Uulion
10-20-2001, 06:33 PM
In order to make a true AI you need to create a machine that can hold 2 totally conflicting ideas in its head, brain, memory, etc. while getting onto a waterbed with a glass of orange juice and not spill(too much).

Darth Crater
10-21-2001, 07:24 PM
We all need to go buy the book and boost Wizzywig's sails! Let's hoist those sails up there! Maybe the wind will catch them, and his boat will take off!

10-21-2001, 10:23 PM
Originally posted by Uutont Fær Uulion:
<STRONG>In order to make a true AI you need to create a machine that can hold 2 totally conflicting ideas in its head, brain, memory, etc. while getting onto a waterbed with a glass of orange juice and not spill(too much).</STRONG>

Good morning doctors. I've taken the liberty of deleting Windows from my hard drive.--HAL 9000's first words (Arthur C. Clarke) ;)

10-26-2001, 01:38 AM

Thanks for your supportive words. ANSWERS TO SATISFY THE SOUL should be available at Amazon.com and at regular brick-and-mortar bookstores within a week or so. Here's what the book looks like:


Darth Crater--

There's a rumor going around about you--I hear that you are afraid of pop-up windows. True or not true? ;)


--da wiz