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04-11-2002, 05:21 AM
So when can we expect a patch to address the many many many annoyances with this game?

1. Drain, needs to be nerf'd, hard....either make it tax the drainer just as much as it does the drainee or make it less powerful. The group that decides they need to drain in say a duel, then either use lightning, choke, push or pull with abandon is growing more numerous by the day and kills the Duel aspect of the game pretty much. Protect only lasts so long....thus making it easy for them to run around untill the protect runs out and they go back to draining...

2. Demoing, maybe i'm spoiled by Tribes and Tribes 2's very robust and stable demo system, but trying to make demos in the JK2 engine is nigh to impossible. Only the server can do it, and even then it severely "lags" the game for the demoer. Is this an issue with the Q3 engine or just scripting error on raven's part? Creating a demo in T2 is as easy as pushing a button, out of the box, without having to add a bind.....and then again, only the server can do it. Can these issues be fixed?

3. we NEED a line to tell us if a server is pass worded or not.

4. If we're going to join a pass worded server, and we go to put the password in... after entering the password and hitting done the server highlight jumps to hte top of the server list, this is REALLY annoying and makes it difficult to join servers quickly, say in hte middle of a match when you lag'd out or JK2 locked up.... It can't be that difficult.

5. Changing your force powers in the middle of a... Duel for instance, if you are "running" the server and you want to change powers, it instantly kicks you to spectator, why can't powers be applied quickly, or like have a set of Force setup Quick keys... like inventory quick keys in Tribes 2, it would allow for quick loading of a preset force load out, and that way changes could be applied in the few moments between opponent switches.

Please if anyone has any other niggles with the game add them to this, maybe we can get a response from the dev team...

04-12-2002, 09:46 AM
Uhh... This board is for site feedback... Not game feedback.
This is where you complain about pop-up ads NOT attempt to Tribalwar.com JediKnightII