View Full Version : 1st chewbacca mission hint

Volcano Falcon
04-11-2002, 09:45 AM
In the first mission of the chewbacca campaign, you can get Queen Amidala! When you have builded a airtransport explore the whole map. You will find some buildings and the queen in the middle of it. When one of your units arrives there your mission objectives will change. Now you must protect the :amidala: all costs. If I may give you a hint: send a big strikeforce to the queen, because when you get her she will be surrounded by Tusken Raiders. Whe you killed them you will be attacked by Aurra Sing and then by Darth Maul, but then you will be suppoirted by Obi-Wan and by Qui-Gonn. It will be the second Duel of the Fates!

:lsduel: :duel: :mob:

04-18-2002, 07:32 PM
are you sure its the FIRST wookie mission? I just played it today and I found Obiwan and her Lt, but no Amidala and there is no way to get to them without a air unit, and you cant build anything in that episode because you have no resources. Just wondering if I am wrong on this or not.