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04-13-2002, 08:19 AM
hey all,
this is a short lil review i've writen up for all u jedi en sithys out there>>>>I'm happy to annouce that the WORLDS FIRST user made JK2 FFA map has been made...and released on WWW.JEDIKNIGHTii.COM!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::j oy:and i'm even happier to say it is a MASTER PIECE, it is in fact the complete scene of the luke<->vader duel from "THe empire strikes back", from the carbon freezing room to the bridge where luke gets his hand...ReMoVeD;) !
Everything is done ever so shaperly and to SCALE, which is....well....exactly what you wana map thats made of a movie scene. As you browse through the map for the first time, you'll knotice the small details that give this map the extra "edge", in the carbon freezing room you see hoses hanging from the ceiling...on the floor you'll notice a big slab of carbon, with noless than han solo sticking out of it! As you run outside, you'll hear the eeryness of wind, blowing from under you...this area of the map is my favourite, it really DOES make you feel as if you were back in the movie!
For me the fun REALLY began when i decided to play director moohahahaha! Like me, soon afteryou download this map, you'll switch to your luke skin and throw in the most Darth Vaderish bot you can find to recreate one of the most memorable duel in history;)!!
Serious for a minute, there are very few faults in this map...but as always there are one or two. The first is that certain doorways to "exit" the area are just white planes, i can't really attack this too much, because this map is soon to be join with others the author is working on to make one big mudda f*cka of a map. My second query is unlike the movie scene and the original JK2 carbon chamber, this chamber doesn't have that red glowing hue in the air around you, this would have added much more atmosphere to the room. But all rooms are fantasticly done, giving you a real since of the dark moody feel of the scene, much like in the movie.....:duel:"Luke, i aM uR fAtHeR" :duel:
Thanx for your time everyone, plz feel free to decuss this awsome map made by ***LivingDeadJedi***, man your da bomb keep shoveling out those master pieces.

Osnohpla Sirrom
04-17-2002, 04:00 PM
The carbon board is simply stunning.:D I just have one problem.
Every bot that I load in the map jumps around like crazy all the time.
How do I stop this? Help...........I love the map and can't wait for the improvements..... OS.

04-17-2002, 04:42 PM
I get that too, it's really annoying, ANYONE know how to change it??

04-30-2002, 09:20 PM
I have news !
On the site of Ravensoft : www2.ravensoft.com/jedioutcast/ you can find a tutorial to make botroutes. It uses the game itself with console commands. It is not simple, a bit long and hard , but it works ! my bots don't jump around again. It is fine to combat them.