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04-13-2002, 04:46 PM
You want to be a rich and famous director this summer? Please select from one of the following and then get out there and start filming!

Mister Funny: Mister Funny is a hilarious comedy about a divorced dad who, in order to be near his kids, must dress up as Mister Funny. (Note: Mister Funny is heavily compressed. Once you decompress it by actually going out and filming it, it will be MUCH funnier. Highly recommended!)

Uh-Oh!: This hilarious comedy is the story of a sloppy but lovable dumb guy who has some talent or another that he must exploit to help someone he is fond of. There is a very beautiful love interest who can’t help falling for his wacky antics! Lots of great music by bands. (Someone’s just got to film this one!)

Hey, You Nun!: People run after a person who is not really a nun.

El Gun (The Gun): El Gun is the nickname of Kirk DelGunnio, a private investigator who gets caught in what might be described as a web of intrigue. He must battle a vaguely foreign man who phones him now and again. The vaguely foreign man occasionally kills his friends. Kirk must protect a sexy woman. (I will need 15 percent of the profits from foreign markets on this one. Thank you.)

Errrrupppttt!: A sexy scientist warns an uncaring bureaucrat that people will die if he doesn’t stop being so uncaring. He continues to be uncaring. Things then Errrrupppttt!, causing the sexy scientist to yell “Nooooo!”.

Nooooo!: The sequel to Errrrupppttt!

I Yet Live: A woman acts heroically. (Oscar possibilities?)

See How They Sleep: The unflinching film adaptation of my compressed novel.

Met A Pieman: A mentally challenged fellow is mentored by someone who is selfish. The mentor becomes less selfish. As the credits roll, an orchestra plays something vaguely reminiscent of Samuel Barber. (I know this isn’t the “typical” MP3-like Feature Film, but I certainly hope someone decides to make it, because it’s a story that really needs an audience.)

L’prés-midi d’un Pommes: An old brooding guy has a complex relationship with a young woman.

Holo: It’s the future. People behave similarly to how they behave now except with one aspect exaggerated. There are aliens involved so some of the words used by characters are made up.

Let’s Book!: Young, slightly dirty people point guns at each other. Lots of great acting by guys with little beards and women with tattoos of barbed wire!

F.U.!: This wildly irreverent comedy finds young people trying to relate to each other by having lots of sex. The hilarity grows when one of the youngsters shoots a crack vendor. (Will surely launch the careers of whomever you decide to have in it.)

The Loser (a.k.a. The Gray Shark of Death, a.k.a. Cracking Fists of Furry [sic]): A police officer gets involved with something that requires him to kick people.

Kilkirodo: Parkadon, who is half-mushroom, half-princess, must fight an opera-singing lobster in order to win back the Kilkirodo.

Good luck!

Crazy_dog no.3
04-13-2002, 06:12 PM
LOL, I like the Hong Kong one.

04-13-2002, 08:40 PM
You know, those are really good plots that have already been filled by several movies. Yet more movies just like them seem to come out and gross big in the box-office.Maybe we should pool our resources, hire people, and become rich by making these movies. Of course we wouldn't actually be making them it would be the people we hired, but we would get to keep the profits.

heehee, Nooooo! sequel to erupt.

Crazy_dog no.3
04-14-2002, 06:46 AM
Yeah, maybe if I get a camera.