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03-31-2001, 08:47 PM
I return after a 6 month break(or longer)from star wars editing groups on the net. Suddenly I realise what I have missed.
Several nrew games released and many more TC's. I was once known under the name of Jedi _Master Xai_qui. But things change.
When I started playing jedi knight on the net over a year or two ago, you would find hundreds of people to play with and everyone was so friendly. When I used to play on the MSN Gaming zone, I would have the best games, you could sit and chat for hours.
I went in thier last week. It was different
people were unfriendly, there were many more hax and people cheating. What has happend to having an honourable battle and a fun, friendly fight?
Also on another note I was watching star wars trilogy which was being shown on BSB (british sky broadcasting). And I started to wonder how many of the people who were in the original three films are still alive.
If when people who reply to this include the name of the actor and the person who they played.
We all know
Carrie fisher (Leia)
Mark Hamill (Luke)
Harrison ford (Han Solo)
are still alive and that alec Guiness (Obi Wan)
has now passed away. But can people use their knowleage and name those who are alive and those who are dead.
Please could people not repeat names of people who have alreay been mentioned.
I leave this task upto you now;
The ones I will name are:
Carrie fisher (Leia)
Mark Hamill (Luke)
Harrison ford (Han Solo)
David Prowse (Darth Vader Voice ep 4&5 body ep6) (I think)
Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kenobi)

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Jedi SuperBuen
04-01-2001, 03:04 AM
The voice of Darth Vader is James Earl Jones (alive). You also forgot Billy Dee Williams (Lando, Alive) and Frank Oz (Yoda, Alive). Threepio: Anthony Daniels, and Artoo: Kenny Baker... Alive http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif

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04-01-2001, 08:06 AM
Well when you think about it, there have been "hackers" and unfriendly people in the gaming community since JK came out.

And in fact, look at just about any online gaming "community" and you'll find those kind of people everywhere. It's too bad, but you just have to learn to not let them keep you down and ruin your good time...

Thankfully for JK/MotS cheaters there's <a href="http://www.jediknight.net">kicker helper</a> but dealing with unfriendly people is another matter. I say just boot 'em from your game/chat if they're being whiny and annoying and trying to ruin it for everyone else, and then just ignore them. They'll give up eventually and move on... and people will see their bad attitudes and how you're not playing into their flame wars and they'll respect you (and look badly upon the troublemakers).

Personally I never liked the Zone chat.. I figured it was a waste of time if people were going to go there and chat about non-gaming stuff and never actually play (why not go to another GENERAL chatroom?), plus the chat is pretty primitive compared to mIRC or even most java chats. Too many people try to abuse the service and flood, flame, or talk about stupid stuff, etc.


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04-01-2001, 05:55 PM
I hear that David Prowse is actually quite ill, and is undergoing some tests. Something to do with paralysis, I think. Hope he gets better soon.

Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin) - deceased
Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine) - Alive
Dennis Lawson (Wedge Antilles) - Alive

I'll try and find out some more... http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/wink.gif

04-04-2001, 09:41 PM
Kurgan, nice to see some people still around!
I used to be on the zone as I used to be in a small clan.
Yes, I have kicker helper but it seems that it is just not as it used to be, I must start my editing again and create some new levels and Mods for the game. hmmm my TC is way overdue!

Thanks to you other two who named more starwars actors alive and dead, anyone come up with any more?

P.s. Kurgan do you still play? and what levels are everyone playing at the mo and what mods?

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04-05-2001, 02:48 PM
Well KH is no longer updated, but what has changed? Have cheaters figured out how to circumvent it? I have never had that happen to me. Just curious as to why you'd say that it's "not what it used to be."

Actually I haven't had an online game of JK for several months, because my sweet DSL connection has a router problem that prevents me from using the Zone or even playing an IP game of JK/MotS (I can launch a server, but nobody can join, nor can I join somebody else's game). About all I can play is an IPX game against my roommate (and he's not as into the game as he used to be).

BUT.. in August I'll be getting a new connection, that's faster, cheaper, AND I'll be able to make use of the extra ports again that JK/MotS seems to require, woo hoo!

Otherwise, I play single player (mods mostly, including Rbots!) whenever I get the chance.


04-05-2001, 04:54 PM
Sebastian Shaw(vision of Anakin Skywalker with Yoda & Obi-Wan in ep6)-dead(I think??)

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04-05-2001, 05:48 PM
The "magic" that used to be there when I played seems to there no longer. Maybe I have just grown older or is it that I have not played JK for nearly a year. I dunno.
I soon will have a nice fast internet connection because I will be going to Uni!!!!!

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