View Full Version : Please, put a Shadows of the Empire board up!!!!

04-04-2001, 10:54 PM
Kurgan, if it's not too much trouble, can you please put a Shadows of the Empire board up...please?

Boba Rhett
04-04-2001, 11:04 PM
It sounds good but it would most likely have bad results. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/frown.gif
and why aren't you ever on aim anymore? http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif


I calculated the odds that this would work versus the odds that I was doing something incredibly stupid...and I went ahead anyway.

Jedi SuperBuen
04-05-2001, 12:13 AM
Actually why not a SNES/N64 forum? That would be kewl... I'd go on it... I would post http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif

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Boba Rhett
04-05-2001, 12:22 AM
I like both ideas but do you really think that they would get enough post to warrant a new forum?

04-05-2001, 02:28 AM
Shadows of the Empire was an amazing game to bad they never made a sequal to it. I played it on the Nintedo 64 when it first came out but when they released it for the PC it was even better.


04-05-2001, 03:26 AM
Shadows does have a sequel in the SW Timeline, it's called RETURN OF THE JEDI

04-05-2001, 06:36 PM

04-05-2001, 10:41 PM
How about we get rid of all the "game specific" message boards and just put up a "LEC Console Games" and "LEC Computer Games" board? (plus the usual feedback and general forums of course)?

Otherwise we end up with 2 or 3 forums devoted to one or two games each that are used a ton and then a dozen other forums that nobody uses.



Boba Rhett
04-06-2001, 12:49 AM
Me likes.


I calculated the odds that this would work versus the odds that I was doing something incredibly stupid...and I went ahead anyway.

04-06-2001, 01:24 AM
Sounds much better Kurg!

Jedi SuperBuen
04-06-2001, 01:57 AM
I think you should have it a bit more specific... Or else it's going to be extremely cluttered in there.

Like now, if I want help for TPM, I go in that forum. If I want to goof off, I go to the Cantina... Don't make it one pile of bantha poodoo... http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif

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04-06-2001, 03:46 AM
Why would older games need their own boards? Why not group them together like old Nintendo games or something like that? I mean X-Wing Series board works as does just the RTS grouping. Some games do generate enough posts that they do need to be seperate.

04-06-2001, 01:56 PM
well, shadows of the empire is a first person shooter, perhaps you can tie it in with jedi knight and mots board.

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04-06-2001, 05:13 PM
True, but Shadows was N64 first, the other two are native to PC. Shadows would be better off in it's own section with the Super Nintendo games.

04-06-2001, 05:16 PM
Hmmm, SOTE was an excellent game.
But there is not really that much which can be said about it.
It can't be edited and it was out ages ago, I might post on it though if it existed.

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04-06-2001, 06:23 PM
yeah it probably would. It's more of an action/arcade game. I wish i had it for pc though. I only got it for n64. it's a good game to play when you're bored though. The best thing is collecting all those challenge points. I know where they all are too! the ones in the swoop level are annoying though, especially on the Jedi Setting since it's almost pitch black. The best levels in that game though were the Swoop level, Gall Spaceport, and the hovertrain level.