View Full Version : Newbie Skinning Questions

04-16-2002, 07:20 AM
Hi all,

Been a few years since I was interested enough in a game like to make custom skins so I'm a bit behind on the times and have forgotten most things.

I extracted the "Ugnaught" model, changed folder name from "Ugnaught" to "Yoda".

Opened all the .skin file's and renamed all folder references accordingly

hips, models/players/ugnaught/torso.tga
hips, models/players/yoda/torso.tga

And then edited the image files (torso.tga, legs.jpg etc).

Edited the 3 icon's to represent Yoda.

Recreated the .zip file with the proper file hierarchy and renamed it to yoda.pk3

When I launch the game, I can see the icon in the main menu player setup, but when I launch multiplayer, I can't access it/play it.

Any ideas where i went wrong?

Thanks for any help.


*additional info* When I open the console and do the
'/model yoda' command, it turns into kyle.......